Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book Musings - Eden's Creatures by Valerie Zambito

Title : Eden's Creatures
Author : Valerie Zambito
Genre : Fantasy, Paranormal
Source : Bought 

Blurb : 

Some rules cannot be broken. Ever. Until it happens. Twice.

Cal Taylor hates his life. A neglectful mother, an abusive stepfather, and town thugs all conspire to tear him down. But, he never could have imagined that his dreams of striking out on his own would take him to a whole different world.

When he stumbles into the mystical Faedin, he can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful girl who captures him. Stassi is everything he’s not. Confident. Strong. Ruthless. More animal than human really. Before he knows it, they’re caught in a dangerous struggle for survival and neither are prepared for the cunning of the serpent that slithers just out of sight.

My Musings : 

I had already finished one series of this author and so I didn't hesitate to pick up another book of hers. And I wasn't disappointed with my decision.

The book cover shimmers and attracts the readers with its beautiful portrayal of Stassi. The first impression of the book carries into the story too. The story starts off good with the introduction of Cal, one of the protagonists and his back story. Then Stassi is pulled into the story and thus begins an emotional journey for the Faedin which ends in bittersweet victory.

I call this an emotional story because my emotions were engaged throughout the book from Cal's torture to the Faedin's poignant end. And also there is a pinch of mystery regarding the identity of the betrayer which kept me glued to the book. That was one twist I didn't see coming.

The concept of the book intrigued me from the beginning because so far I haven't read anything regarding the biblical serpent in a fictitious sense. But I would have preferred to know more about the Faedin and Gai'tan in the tale. The characters were well depicted, be it Stassi with her yearning to be more human, Cal with his broken soul, Gilad with his hatred of Cal's mating with Stassi and Bannon with his thirst for freedom.

The plot wasn't a very complex one and the story maintained a good pace till the end. All scenes meshed seamlessly together to form the climax of the book. I could well imagine the goings on and this made me finish the book in a short time. The ending was kind of sad and had me a tiny bit misty eyed. But it fit the story well.

In short, this is a good story to get lost in easily on the odd weekend. You are in a treat for uniqueness which will put you through the emotional wringer.

My one line review : A unique slant to the biblical serpent gives a great new fantasy tale.

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 4/5


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