Thursday 31 January 2019

Progress Report - January 2019

So a month will be gone by tonight and I believe I am half proud of myself. I almost reached the goals for January 2019. But the review rate can be increased. Let's see how I have fared so far.
You can read my month start post here.

Books read and reviewed 

Island of Secrets by Diane Demetre

Wrong Bed Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks

Crazy for the Boss by Ashlee Mallory

The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl by Annika Martin

So I was able to finish reviewing 10 books. They are all a mixture of genres and sources - KU, blog tour copies and owned books. But the predominant genre was romance! Ooo I am back on the bandwagon!

I was supposed to review this book yesterday but work has been kicking me down for the past week or so. I haven't reviewed anything recently. I need to inform the author that the review will be up in a few days.

I was surprised that I was able to add 3 more to my book count. I had limited internet for a while so it was to have happened.

Books I couldn't finish 
This was one I couldn't even start. I was permanently stuck at 7% or so. Someone said that it gets better as the story progresses. But the writing and the grammar had me halting in the beginning itself. 

I might try in the future again to read it.

Books to review - read from last year

 I had 2 books on this list. But I wasn't able to peruse them for reviewing them. I will not add it to my reading pile for Feb but I expect to get them done.

Overall, I think I was pretty productive. I am loving this sense of purpose! Now to get the next month's list ready.


Friday 25 January 2019

Book Musings - Whisper to Me by Sherrie Lowe

Blurb :

A new wife and a vengeful ghost. Not a good mix.

Letitia – Tish – Stanyer makes husband Theo promise never to remarry if she dies and he complies just to pacify her. She isn’t going to die.

She does – and he does remarry. Tish isn’t happy. Her spirit cannot rest with another woman in her domain, sampling the delights of her husband. Theo belongs to her – Sheena will have to go.

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My Musings :

Source : Review copy from the author via Rachel's Random Resources
Date read : January 17, 2019
Rating: 3.5/5
Reread factor : 2/5

As soon as I read the first sentence of the blurb, I was hooked. I was intrigued by the concept of a dead wife's wish for her husband to not to marry and move on. Usually it was just the opposite and this had me imagining various scenes of gruesome varieties, I confess.

Theo was a widower who promised his first wife that he wouldn't remarry after her death. But, after a long period of mourning and loneliness, he fell for Sheena with her sexy wiles which led to their marriage and the introduction of Tish, the vengeful spirit. It took a while for Sheena to realise that she was being targeted by the entity present in the house. I felt that Theo was the one who took the longest time to come to the realisation that Tish was quite serious when she got his promise.

I quite enjoyed the scenes involving Sheena and her dog especially their full on tangle with Tish. I am not repentant about it because I have never hated Sheena as much as anyone in recent times. I didn't even feel bad when she was being bad mouthed about by Saskia. No, this is neither a horror story nor a sad one. The parallel lines of romance that formed between the two pairs - Saskia and Richie and Alaina and Christian, led to a story of love and happiness in addition to the one of hate and sadness.

I don't know what to say about Theo. I found him classy but a bit unbelievable in his actions. The way he fell in and out of love was too sudden to be plausible. But I really liked his budding romance with Donna. And I am looking forward to what happens next. I am sure there is more because the story ended with an opening for the sequel. The book was very short and was easy to read. The scenes flowed well but I felt that the writing could have been more polished. The time I spent reading had me having fun but it's not that good that I would reread it anytime soon. Now I am awaiting the next book because I am excited to know how it all ends.

My one line review : A short, easy read of love and hate.

Meet the Author :

 I am a divorced mum of two adult sons and nana to three grandchildren, soon to be four. I’ve always had a notion to write but didn’t get round to it seriously until I became ill with M.E in 1995 when I was 40 and was too ill to continue my job as a learning support assistant in a mainstream high school. I was devastated to have to resign from my job but writing saved my sanity. My first attempt was a memoir, Shadow Across the Sun which covered the loss of my mum to breast cancer two days before my 13th birthday. When the rejections began to flow in from traditional publishers and agencies I joined a creative writing class and learned to write fiction. Whisper to Me is my 10th novel. I have a strong belief in the afterlife due to events following my mum’s death so most of my stories have some form of supernatural aspect to them.

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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Book Musings - The Shy Girl and the Football Star by Julia Keanini

Click the cover to go the Goodreads page

Source : Kindle Unlimited
Date read : January 7,2019
Rating : 5/5
Reread factor : 3/5

Blurb :

A relationship between the nerdy, shy girl and the hot football star can work, right?
The only thing worse than having to go to the same high school as my beautiful, cheer-captain sister, Charity? Finding out she's dating the boy next door I've had a crush on since I was three years old.

Being in the shadow of a girl like Charity would be tough for any little sister, but when I can't fit the shadow because I'll never be perky, popular, or a size two? Life is pretty near miserable. At least my awesome friends make high school bearable. But when football stardom and the popularity that brings threatens to take away Tuck, the best of my friends? That's when something has to change.

A story of friendship, family, tragedy, and most of all romance.

My Musings :

It's been a while since I read a YA book so when I was planning this month's reading list, I picked 3 of them from KU. I apparently had a yearning for the teen angst. Sometimes I have regretted reading a YA book but this time, it was different. I had no idea when I started the book that I would love it because of the topics it deals with.

The author has touched on a lot of serious subjects in the book that though it is aimed at the teens, it can be read by adults too because it is applicable to them too. Yes it is a romance book but that's only secondary as far as I am concerned. The story is more about the body shaming in regards with the looks and weight and the impact it has on the students. And the issue of eating disorders is also lightly touched on to bring awareness to it. The author gives out certain messages regarding these subjects and she has done it interspersed with a tale of love and friendship. I like that, actually, since it's easier to swallow the pill with some sweetness.

The book is not fully dull and gloomy but a cute and fun love story if you overlook the serious themes. Lacey and Tucker are my idea of a longtime couple. I loved their friends-to-first-love story though I felt Tuck could have spoken up sooner about his objections to Lacey's girlfriend ideas. At first, I thought Lacey was just superficial but as her problems come to the surface and after the incident with Ash, I pitied her and from that pity, rose an understanding of what makes Lacey tick. As the story moved forward, I got to like her and finally love her. Shawna is another person I loved. She makes a very good best friend.

The story is told in Lacey's POV so I got a front seat view of her life. And I quite enjoyed it in terms of her romance. The romance was drawn out and very light . But one point I loved was the way the author ended the book. It gave me closure in respect to their love and their lives and I was pretty satisfied with it!

Since I wasn't expecting a heavy reading with lots of tears amidst the light fun, the book was a slightly slower read in spite of the fast pace. And the writing style has endeared the author to me. So I am pretty sure I will be on the lookout for reading the other books in the series, the Sunday Lunchers!

My one line review : A light romance with lots of tears amidst fun and friendship.


Tuesday 22 January 2019

Book Musings - Gaia's Gambit by D L Harrison

Click the cover to go to the Goodreads page

Source : Kindle Unlimited
Date read : January 5, 2019
Rating : 4/5
Reread factor : 3/5

Blurb :

The end of the world had come, and humanity was in danger of extinction, but it would survive. Had survived, as far as Jason knew.

Jason lived the last millennia in a virtual utopia, which was slowly driving him insane. His mind suspended in a computer matrix, an ark of sorts, until they could grow new bodies and rejoin the real world, to rebuild. It would be a long time before the Earth recovered. Only four million out of billions had been saved in such a fashion, he was one of the lucky ones.

At least, he’d been in a utopia until that morning, when he woke up in a new world on a bed of moss in the middle of a forest glade. Alone. No breakfast, no coffee, and no bacon. He wasn’t sure what to do, but he didn’t really have a choice but to move forward, it was either that or starve himself to death over and over. Not really a choice at all. Well, either that or be killed by monsters.

He just wished he knew what the hell Gaia was thinking. Elves, dwarves, evil races, magic, swords, and bows? The A.I. must have lost her mind…

My Musings :

I can't believe that this is going to be my first review for one of the litrpg/gamelit books. I am so sorry, authors. I think I better get back to all the books I have read in this genre and review them when I can! And for everyone else who don't know what I am talking about, let me tell you about one of my favourite genres. I actually came across it a couple of years back and I have been hooked. It's the playing of a game in a book format. I love reading about the characters and the adventures they end up on. I don't have a better way to explain it. I can only say "If you love playing games go ahead give this genre a try and you won't regret it" And that's enough about the genre. I better get on with my musings on this particular book.

I have gone totally off the track. I actually came across this book on KU and when I read the blurb I was interested just because of the post apoc feel to it. In that aspect I was pretty disappointed because it's not even one of the major themes of the book. But it was plotted in such a way that the post apoc setting led deeper into the gamelit/litrpg space. I quite liked Gaia and I hope I get to see more of her in the future. As for Jason, he seemed like a routine guy and the story started off slowly with his introduction and slowly settling into his situation. Then it slightly increased pace with the fight against the goblins. 

I felt that this book read more like a purely fantasy book more than anything else if we discount the character sheets. And it was so slow, explaining everything from scratch and at times, even repetitive. The only places where the adrenaline spiked and the pace picked up were the fights and that too became more predictive as the story continued. And I didn't get why the author put so much importance on the romance between Jason and Gwen. I quite liked Gwen because she makes Jason better as a character. But the romance was a tad more than usually what I like in a litrpg/gamelit book. Jason was often day dreaming and I hope it doesn't get bad in the sequels. 

As for the game aspect like the building and the way the spheres work out, I quite liked the basic foundation. I enjoyed the light building with their camp and fighting fortifications. And I hope there is more of it in the future books. For now, I enjoyed the read in spite of its slowness. I believe I will continue with this series and see how it progresses. 

My one review : A soft gamelit/litrpg book with a slow start.


Monday 21 January 2019

Book Musings - The Enchanting of an Earl by Emma Locke

Click the book cover to go to the Goodreads page

Source : Bought from Amazon
Date read : January 4,2019
Rating : 2.5/5
Reread factor : 1/5


For Love…

The second of five impoverished sisters, Miss Elinor Conley knows her dream of becoming a lady is farfetched. When an unmarried gentleman happens by her brother's smithy, it is up to her to act quickly—and rashly—to secure his interest. But Grantham Wendell, Lord Chelford, isn't in the market for anything more than a new horseshoe. What's a bachelor to do when an innocent miss turns up at his annual bacchanalia? He ought to make her leave, but his Twelfth Night party just became more entertaining...

Publisher's Note: This book was originally published as The Cheer in Charming an Earl

My Musings :

It isn't often I read a book without reading the blurb. This is one such book and I am not doing to do it again any time soon. Regency romances are one of my favourite genres, so when I got this book on Amazon, I blindly started reading it and I should have been warned about the story with the summary included at the start of the book. But did I pay attention to it? No! and I paid for it.

The beginning was quite adventurous with Elinor being determined enough to go after what she wanted,that is, Lord Chelfold. This was quite fine and even her disastrous plan to get his attention was quite funny. What didn't go with the regency times was the vast status difference between the protagonists. This would never go with the time period how much ever I wished it so. Another big plot hole, according to me, was how the hero, Grantham fell for Elinor suddenly and with such force. I understand the concept of love at first sight but this didn't feel like that. Another negative was Elinor's naivety. There is naivety which sounds cute and funny and then there's naivety which just looks like plain foolhardiness which was the case in this tale.

What I did find authentic with the times was the debauchery at Grantham's place. An air of ennui was always a part of the Regency and it added a feel for that era. But the way Grantham's past is entwined with it, also added to the plot quite well.  Elinor's Aunt Millie's estrangement from her family because of her profession was also realistic as per the time frame. And add the fact that Gavin arrived to get Elinor back to the family also added to the plotline quite well. It was a rather short read and it fast forwarded to the end quickly and it felt hurried to me. It was as if the author wanted to end it and the hero had to make do with the heroine's reasons and decide that he can't let her go. There was no time to feel the love or the romance or the emotions of the characters. 

In truth, I have never dissected a regency romance as much as this one and I feel quite bad for it. But it fell short on so many points, that I actually thought a lot on whether to write on it or not and to rate it 2.5 or 3. That's why I took so long to write my thoughts on the book. I am just saying the story could have been better. And I am not sure I would read the author's works further. I might once again try a new series of hers in the distant future,though I am not 100% sure. 

My one line review : A short regency romance with lots of shortfalls.


Sunday 20 January 2019

Book Musings - The Earl's Irresistible Challenge by Lara Temple

Blurb :

Could this infamous rake finally have found his countess? Part of The Sinful Sinclairs.
When Lucas, Lord Sinclair, receives a mysterious summons from a Miss Olivia Silverdale he’s skeptical about whether he can help her. But Olivia, although eccentric, is in earnest about her quest to restore her late godfather’s reputation. Lucas’s curiosity is piqued, and not just by Olivia’s intelligent eyes and lithe form. A new challenge quickly presents itself: keeping Miss Silverdale at arm’s length!

Purchase Links - 

My Musings :

Source : Review copy from Rachel's Random Resources
Date read : January 15,2019
Rating : 4/5
Reread factor : 3/5

I started reading this book on the heels of the review of another regency romance. So I wasn't sure what to expect but the story was interesting enough to keep me going.

The beginning actually had me questioning the protagonists. It was clear the heroine, Olivia was a bit mad for her scheme and the hero, Lucas wasn't as cynical as he thought himself. But I came to like them quite well enough with their quirks. Lucas has a soft side to him in spite of his reputation. He doesn't reveal it often and he went to great lengths to keep Olivia safe and sound. And Olivia, though naive as evidenced by her thoughts of her uncle's life, is a strong one who will do anything for anyone considered her own. Actually they suited perfectly well though with her innocence and his vulnerable spirit.

As much as I relished following their steps as they went on their secret investigations, I also liked few of the secondary characters especially Nora and Lucas' brother,Chase. One person I disliked was Elspeth because of her not doing her duties properly. I fully blame her for Olivia's escapades. On the other hand, I don't believe that it would be that easy to get out of a chaperone's eyes so I felt that part of the story quite unbelievable.

As the plot progressed ,I was quite embroiled in the mystery and the romance. The romance aspect was very well done. The protagonists were shown to be quite human with faults and they fell for each other in spite of it not because of it. The author was mostly true to the time period and I loved reading all about the Ton and the goings on. The language easily depicted the images and I was able to play out the scenes in my mind. The incident near the end actually had me laughing at Lucas. But isn't everyone vulnerable to that specific emotion? In hindsight, I think it was quite unnecessary but it tied off the finale very well without any problems.

The author is going on my To-be-Watched shelf and I recommend this book to any of the Regency romance fans.

Thanks to the author and Rachel's Random Resources for the review copy. This doesn't impact my review.

My one line review : A fun Regency romance with believable protagonists.

Meet the Author :

Lara Temple writes strong, sexy regency romances about complex individuals who give no quarter but do so with plenty of passion. After moving around the world for her career as a financial analyst and business consultant she returned to her childhood love of making up stories, and was surprised to discover that other people don’t mind reading them.

She lives with her husband and two children who are very good about her taking over the kitchen table for her writing (so she can look out over the garden and dream while Oscar the dog keeps her feet warm by sitting on them as she works).

The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge (out December 2018) is the first in her Sinful Sinclair series. In May 2019 Unlaced by the Highland Duke, part of a four book series with three other Harlequin Mills & Boon authors will be released.

Social Media Links –



Amazon author page:

Goodreads: 7

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Saturday 19 January 2019

Book Musings - Island of Secrets by Diane Demetre


Two love stories separated in time. Two women following their dreams. In a paradise littered with painful secrets, will love turn the tide?

1973. Cecilia “CiCi” Freemont has a restless soul and the voice of an angel. Leaving her privileged upbringing behind, she chases her dreams to the sandy beaches of an unspoiled Hawaiian paradise, Harbor Island. But life takes an unexpected turn when she falls for the island’s young heir-apparent and her newfound adventure becomes too much to bear…

2017. Investigative journalist Tina Templeton has dedicated herself to the pursuit of truth. But when she inherits Harbor Island, her career plans take a confusing twist. Managing the sprawling island estate is tough business even with the help of aging cabaret singer, CiCi Freemont. Especially when a massive ecological disaster threatens to destroy her beautiful beaches—and the responding coast guard captain steals her heart.

As the investigation into the disaster reveals a 40-year-old mystery that could change their lives forever, will Tina find love among the secrets, or will CiCi’s painful past dash her dreams on the rocks?

Island of Secrets is an epic love story. If you like generations-spanning drama, characters with hidden pasts, heart-warming romance and intrigue, then you’ll love Diane Demetre’s powerful romantic mystery in paradise.

Links :

My Musings :

Source : Review copy from Rachel's Random Resources
Date read : January 12, 2019
Rating : 4/5
Reread factor : 3/5

When I came across the blurb and saw that it was tagged as a romantic mystery, I was really interested in it. I was in the mood for something which would appeal to my mind. Frankly I was expecting a present day scenario with a look into solving a past mystery.But what I got was a book with a tale of love with bits and pieces of mystery interspersed among the chapters.

When I started it, I actually didn't like CiCi - a carefree and passionate woman, estranged from her family and on an adventure of seeking her life. None of what I have listed above made me dislike her. But her naivety had me questioning her worldliness and her character. But as the story progressed, I pitied and felt sorry for her. I could relate to her heart ache. And towards the end, I envied her for her long lasting love.

Dickie evoked a lot of emotions in me. I quite liked him. But his confusion had me heart broken and that extended in part to CiCi. Vickie,though playing an important part, was kept in the background whereas I felt she could have been used in a more prominent role. She became the focal point in the latter part of the book. Tina, though seeming like a protagonist, is yet another part of the supporting cast. The main protagonist is the Island and the love which blossomed there. All the characters, even CiCi and Dickie are secondary to it.

I know I said this isn't a full mystery but as for the first part of the book, the days CiCi spent on the Island as a young woman, has an air of secrecy. And that compelled me to continue reading and when it was revealed, it left me a bit deflated. But the overall effect achieved by the author's writing was perfect to keep me in suspense. The second part of the book is more in tune with the romantic vibe though this period too has a couple of secrets to keep me going. Now this part I really didn't expect and was a pleasant surprise near the end. Overall, the author has permeated an enigmatic feel into the story which works quite well to keep a reader immersed and turning the pages.

The way the author has used words to get the imagery right when describing the setting and the way she has pulled on the heart strings with her language makes for a well written book. I felt various emotions while reading, from disappointment to poignant joy. There is a keen sense of loss throughout the book in addition to the love. The final chapter had me smiling in spite of the pain in my heart. It was touching and had me in a melancholic hold. All the elements together gave me a few hours of good entertainment.

If I had a chance to read the author's works in the future I would definitely take it up because of her writing style. If you like poignant love stories with a mysterious feel, this book is for you!

My one line review : A poignant love story with a mysterious feel!

Meet the Author :

Diane began her career as a school teacher before moving into the entertainment industry as a choreographer, director, event manager, dancer and actress, working in television and live theatre, and managing multi-million dollar productions. 

Following her onstage career, she spent many years as a stress & life skills therapist, keynote speaker and presenter, appearing on national radio and television.

When she launched into a writing career, Diane’s debut erotic romance series, the Dance of Love was voted Luminosity Publishing Readers’ Choice Best Books and Best Covers for 2015 and 2016.
Her romantic suspense, Retribution won the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Pro Award 2017 for Best Unpublished Manuscript. Diane loves to write genre-busting stories with a twist. Her works are packed with emotional punch and feature empowered heroines who live life to the fullest, much like the author herself.


Monday 14 January 2019

Book Musings - Wrong Bed Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks

Click on the image to go the Goodreads page

Source : ARC from Entangled via Netgalley
Date read : January 11,2019
Rating : 4/5
Reread factor : 3/5

Blurb :

It's not every day you wake up to a stranger getting into your bed.
Only, he isn't a stranger at all, he's my best friend's hot older brother…and apparently my new roommate.
Having him in my space, driving me crazy, isn't a problem at all. Nope.
All I need to do is keep control of the situation…
But that's easier said than done.

Shawn Lassiter is the kind of distraction I don't need.
First he accidentally gets into my bed, half-naked, the night before my first day at my new job.
Hello, muscles and tattoos!
Then he's there, in nothing but a towel, making me coffee in the morning.
It's more than any girl can resist. Right?
But Shawn is off-limits, even if his eyes are saying differently.

Years ago, back when I still had my crush, he destroyed friendships with his reckless playboy antics.
There's no way I'm touching those perfectly formed abs now. I don't care how nice and responsible he's acting.
I don't want a boyfriend anyway. That's what my trusty vibrator is for.
I'm the smart girl—the glasses-wearing, book-reading workaholic. I can totally do this.
After all, it's only for two and a half months.
I'll be on my best behavior...even if Shawn isn't.

My Musings :

When I came across this book, I had to read it because it has my favourite  trope - girl falling for the best friend's brother. Who doesn't like that? I adore that theme and love reading the various paths the story takes at times. 

Jessie has had a crush on Shawn during her teens and so now when she is forced to co-habit with him for a few days, she ends up falling for him harder. So does Shawn also fall for her or does he allow his playboy act to crush her heart? That forms the entirety of the story. The plot is pretty simple but the course the story had taken, put me through the wringer - overwhelming happiness and depressing sadness - echoing the protagonists' emotions closely.

Jessie and Shawn are the quintessential opposites-attract couple. While Jessie is a serious and driven person, Shawn is a casual and go-with-the-flow character. They balance each other out and hence form a great couple! I rooted for Shawn more than Jessie because he needed it more and he is pretty sensitive though he doesn't show it on the surface. Yes, he is hot and a stud, but I like his vulnerability more which adds to the believable aspect of his character. Jessie is a great friend, at times insecure, but she disappointed me with her actions in the crucial scene. You can definitely tell who is my favourite in this couple!

I started reading this book after a sweet romance so it felt kind of overdone with the heat factor. But if you love hot romance, this is definitely for you. I like a bit of sensitivity and so I was left dissatisfied with the plot at the start. While I enjoyed Shawn showing Jessie a good time, at times, it felt that they were too immersed in the sensuality. Only towards the end, the emotions and feelings came into play and turned around the story. I literally "awww"-ed when they got together finally. Though they are hot in their romance, they are pretty sweet as a couple. 

The author's writing is pretty intuitive and easy to follow which makes for a fast read. So I literally cruised through the book which ended up on a pretty high note. All in all, it was a fun and sexy romance!

I received an ARC from Entangled through Netgalley which doesn't impact my review in any way.

My one line review : A fun and sexy romance!


Friday 11 January 2019

Book Musings - Crazy for the Boss by Ashlee Mallory

Click on the image to go to the Goodreads page

Source : Bought on Amazon
Date read : January 3 ,2019
Rating : 5/5
My reread factor : 4/5

Blurb :

Attorney Quinn Taylor prides herself on doing the right thing, a modern-day David taking on the Goliaths of the world. Goliaths such as James Thornhill who's offering her a job that is almost impossible to refuse. Playing babysitter and muse to the overindulged CEO is the last thing she wants to do, but with mounting debt making even a cup of coffee a luxury, Quinn's ready to swallow her pride and get in bed with the devil. Something that, the more time she spends with the man, becomes increasingly enticing.

Newly appointed CEO James Thornhill wants to bring his family's company into the twenty-first century. Hiring the pesky but dedicated attorney who's leading an employee revolt against the company is his first order of business. Second order of business will be resisting the prim but fiery Quinn Taylor who has somehow become utterly indispensable in his life. 

But the stakes are too high for either of them to risk an interoffice fling...until an unexpected trip to Quinn's hometown brings a long-denied simmering attraction to a boil. They'll have to decide what they're willing to risk and how far they're willing to fall if love doesn't conquer all.

**This book is a 2nd edition that has been newly revised and edited as a sweet romance under the same title.

**Every book in the Crazy in Love series is a standalone, full-length title that can be read and enjoyed out of order.

My Musings :

James and Quinn first meet in a work related environment which in turn leads to Quinn's hiring at James' prompting. James is a playboy through and through and that's what is shown on the surface while Quinn looks like an uptight goody two shoes at first glance. But all this changed as the story developed.

Though majority of the book is from Quinn's side, there were few parts which gave me an insight into James. And that's what made this a real treat to read. I loved getting to know the complex man who hides behind the playboy facade. His vulnerability and sensitivity comes through clearly in the later half of story. Quinn is a sweetheart with the way she takes care of her family, friends and co-workers. She is proud of not giving up her ideals for anything and she expects the same kind of focus and determination from James which ultimately leads to the finale of their love story.

Speaking of love, since I just finished a very hot romance before picking up this book, I was happy that,except for kisses, there was no hanky panky. I enjoyed the contentment of a well played out romantic tale and I loved their chemistry with their perfect understanding of each other.

I felt that they very much loved and laughed together which is reflected in the image used for the cover and it fits the couple very well. The story was paced with the right amount of characterisation of the protagonists. I really enjoyed getting to know James and Quinn and I am not surprised by that fact since I have read few other books by the author and I was entertained by them pretty well.

Seeing that usually boss-employee romances are steamy as far as I have seen, I was pleasantly surprised with the clean and sweet romance. And I can recommend this book and the author to others who love a good wholesome romance with a very light hand on sensuality.

My one line review :
Loveable protagonists with a wholesome romance..


Wednesday 9 January 2019

Book Musings - The Dating Alternative by Jennifer Woodhull

Today we have the blog tour of THE DATING ALTERNATIVE by Jennifer Woodhull! Check it out and grab your copy now!



Author: Jennifer Woodhull

Genre: Romantic Comedy


About The Dating Alternative:

Max has crushed on Brie for as long as he's known her but the timing was never right. When he finds out they're finally single at the same time, he's poised to move from friend zone to serious dating... until he finds out she's only looking for something physical. He offers his services in hopes she'll come around. Just when things are starting to go his way, a shocking turn of events snatches her from his grasp. Now he has to resurrect the life he thought he'd left behind to help the woman he's falling in love with before it's too late.

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 Book Musings :

Source : ARC from the author via Inkslinger PR 
Date read : January 6,2019
Rating :4/5
Reread factor : 3.5/5

The title is what caught my attention on this one, though the blurb was the usual romance plot. Brie, the heroine was dumped just before her wedding and she decided to try out fling style dating instead of relationships. And that's how the book started.

When I began the book, I thought it was the usual run of the mill romance but as I continued I enjoyed the writing style. It really added character to the tale and kept me flipping the pages to finish it. The language was easy to read and really flowed and was natural. At no place, was it forced or artificial. That's one point which made me have fun with the playful banter between Brie and Alex. The story had the right tone, appropriate to the scenes throughout the tale. I loved the fact that the author wrote the book in both Brie's and Alex's POV which made me peek into their innermost thoughts. This added to the romantic vibe between the two.

Another point which really caught my eye was that the hero, Alex was more invested in the relationship, contrary to the usual trope of the heroine falling first in love. And I loved him for his patience and sexiness. Was he hot!? Yes! I was literally drooling, I tell you. Brie felt a bit more naive to me and she didn't measure up to Alex in my opinion. But as a couple? I adored them because of the sweetness. And on that point, I wish the author had gone with more sweet than steam. Yes the romance is again super hot and that kind of put me off a tiny bit because I am getting tired of all the sensual times though it didn't keep me from enjoying the book.

I didn't anticipate the twist near the end but it was a pleasant surprise which tied up all the threads of the plot. Other thing I didn't like was that the author was using Max and Alex in the former and latter parts of the book. I wish she had used only one name throughout the story. All in all I relished the read and I would definitely check out her other books if a chance arises.

All the thoughts noted are my own and aren't impacted by anything.

My one line review : A steamy sweet romance with playful banter between the protagonists.

About the Author:


 We all need moments of escape. With all the demands on us day in and day out, we each need something just for ourselves. Perhaps nothing provides a private moment - a brief respite from every day - like escaping into a great story. When you pick up one of my books I hope you find that place that you can escape to. Explore the streets of Paris with new heroines or fly around the world to reclaim your lost love with a favorite hero. Whether it's the romance that takes your breath away or those climactic encounters that make your pulse race, I hope you find that solitary moment of enjoyment while lost in one of my stories.

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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Book Musings - The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl by Annika Martin

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Source : Bought on Amazon
Date read : January 1, 2019
Rating : 4.5/5
Reread factor : 3.5/5

When my manager assigns me the task of finding a new wake up call service for our CEO, I think, how hard can this be?

Answer: practically impossible. It turns out that no wake-up call company in the world will take him on as a client. They’ve all had enough of his surly personality.

So in an effort not to lose my job, I secretly start making the calls myself, every day at 4:30 am sharp. OMG yes you read that right—four freaking thirty in the morning.

Confession: I’m not the nicest wake-up-call girl at that hour. Hello! Who wakes up before the roosters are even crowing? Luckily he doesn’t seem to mind my get-your-ass-out-of-bed attitude.

Day by day we’re becoming closer, and the calls start turning hot, like pay-by-the-minute hot and oh-so-wild. Snuggled under the covers with the moonlight streaming in the windows, we divulge our secrets to each other, but the one thing that he can never find out is that the sexy vixen who wakes him up every morning is just the lowly assistant who wears frumpy dresses. I can only imagine his disappointment.

Now he wants to take me out on a date and he’s scouring Manhattan to find me. He’s an overachieving billionaire bent on a mission. How much longer can I keep up this charade?

My Musings :

Theo and Lizzie meet as employee-boss and as anonymous people at least on Theo's side. And they start falling for each other which ends up with Theo trying to woo her.

Thus started my first read of 2019 and it is my romance in a while since I had started feeling bored with them.So what got me to get the book? You might think it was the cover but it was the title with the words - Wake up call girl. My first reaction was "What the heck is a wake up call girl?" I still haven't figured if it is a thing for real but the premise was wonderfully plotted into a really hot and fun romance by the author.

When I started the book, I thought Theo was this so serious go-getter person. Was I ever wrong? The first time when he started talking sexy on their morning calls,I literally spit out the water I was drinking. Because I had no idea that he had this side to him. Well it's true! All the nerdy guys have a dark sexy side to them! And is Lizzie any less? Nope! From the time she started the calls to the way she tried to get him to give up the idea of "wooing" her, I really enjoyed her personality! She was the perfect foil to his character. And that's why I believe they make a great and memorable couple.

The romance was fast and scorching hot. I am not one for too steamy pages so I skipped them. But if you guys like a bit of spice in your romantic reads then I think you might enjoy the sexy tangle between them. At first I felt that they fell for each other pretty fast and that made me sceptic about the couple. But as the story went on, I came to understand that the pace was right because they are both passionate people and that's how they roll!

Except for the heat between them which blindsided me, I enjoyed following their love story especially with the few fun times which made me laugh at their antics and with the other serious moments which had me shaking my head at Theo. All in all, I absolutely adored the pair and their antics! This is the first book I have read about the author and I have to say that I will not hesitate to pick up any of her books in the future. Another great find for a new year!!

My one line review : A scorching hot romance with some laughs and sniffles with a perfect passionate couple.


Saturday 5 January 2019

Book Blitz - A Couple of Choices by Ajesh Sharma

A Couple of Choices by Ajesh Sharma

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 405 KB
Print Length: 133 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Language: English

Current Ranking on

#21907 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction
#49279 in Books > Literature & Fiction

Alex and Phyllis have seen life overtake them. With their dreams, aspirations, and love for each other crushed by the choices they made, their mental discord has led to physical separation. Ten years have gone by when she calls to say she’s coming over to see him. Their meeting opens up old wounds, old memories and forces them to think about their lives, as people, as a couple, as lovers. The story comes together as a reflection of their individual lives, their relationship and the choices that lie ahead of them.

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"Ajesh Sharma, is a Canadian author and playwright. His short stories have appeared in The Telegram Magazine and Unbound eMagazine. A Couple of Choices is his first play. He uses his blog,, to showcase his love for wordplay and humor, his intense dislike for cats and his fanatical adoration of okra.

When not wearing colorful socks or attempting to play guitar, he tries to read, write, learn photography and spend time with one wife, two grown-up sons, one daughter-in-law and her dog on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada.

Links to his work may be found at"

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Friday 4 January 2019

Cover Reveal - Sunkissed Days and Remind me by Samantha Chase

Nobody does sweet, small town romance quite like New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase. And to kick off 2019 we are so excited to be sharing with you the first two covers in her brand new Magnolia Sound series. Read on for a peak at the covers of SUNKISSED DAYS and REMIND ME!


SUNKISSED DAYS Coming February 26, 2019

Mallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy—now man—she’s been crushing on for years. Coming back to Magnolia Sound to celebrate her great-grandfather’s birthday provides the perfect opportunity to show Jake that she’s no longer a child. The last thing Jake expected to do at his mentor’s birthday party was to find himself kissing Mallory under the moonlight. Though he’s known her for years, the thought of kissing her never crossed his mind. But the shy tomboy he once knew is gone, and in her place is a woman he can’t resist. They have one summer before they go their separate ways. Insecurity wars with the possibility of a future together, but it could all come to an end before it even has a chance to start.

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REMIND ME Coming March 12, 2019

It’s been years since Mallory Westbrook set foot in Magnolia Sound, but the death of her great-grandfather forces her back. Two weeks to get his affairs in order then she would return to her life in New York. The perfect plan, if not for Jake Summerford—her first love who broke her heart.
Jake always regretted the way things ended with Mallory and now that she’s back in town, he’s hoping they can put the past behind them. As they reconnect, old feelings resurface and Jake realizes that friendship is only the beginning of he wants from Mallory.
With one foot out of the door, Mallory is looking for any excuse to leave Magnolia Sound behind. Forever. Will Jake’s plan to replace the old, painful memories help him finally show her their love deserves another chance?

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Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Book Blitz - Bound by Forever by M V Kasi

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Bound By Forever by MV Kasi 

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 3175 KB
Print Length: 47 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Language: English

Current Ranking on

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical
#5 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Plays
#5 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Plays

Brutal, powerful and demanding are the words used to describe him. He is a man who is used to throwing orders and having people follow them without questions.

Beautiful, bold and feisty are the ones used to describe her. She is a woman who is used to bending rules and conventions.

They haven't met before, but they have always known there are to marry each other because of an age-old tradition.

Sparks fly when they finally meet. But will they HATE each other? Or fall in LOVE?

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A very reclusive author who is always on the bestselling list. Her stories hold passion of a woman and the raw nature of romance. But always (ok mostly) with a twist :) - Rubina Ramesh. 

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