Sunday 23 August 2015

Book Musings - Settle Down Now by Leenna Naidoo

Title : Settle Down Now
Author : Leenna Naidoo
Genre : Contemporary
Source : Free copy from the author

Blurb : 

Billionaire Charmaine Donnet's search for Mr Right has gone public in the most humiliating way. Her dating coach, and trusted friend Joss, has decided to turn introvert Charmaine's quest into a hit reality TV show. Charmaine finds herself interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, and being wooed on the Indian Ocean while on board the beautiful yacht, The Sunflower. But it's not all plain sailing. There's Captain Robert Hart, the one man who truly hates Charmaine and whom, she suspects, would do anything to hurt her again. There's Joss who's behaving more like an enemy; and there's the six potential Mr Rights--some of whom will do anything to win. Events take a dark turn when one of the potential Mr Rights goes missing at sea. Will Charmaine survive this desperate Hart's cruise?

My Musings : 

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I compensated for it and it contains only honest thoughts about the story. 

This was a quite different read from my usual ones. I would not classify it under one category because it is a mix of romance and mystery. It's a multi genre book and I enjoyed it to my surprise.

The premise of the story was interesting and intriguing though not totally original. Who doesn't love to read about a woman looking for ways to find her Mr.Right? I was sure it would be a fun read. What surprised me was that it also had an air of mystery and suspense to it.

Charmaine was such a sweet lady. She was so open and naive. I think she should have known about Joss earlier. But that spirit of innocence is what endeared her to me. And Robert was the total opposite. He was such a dark person. He had an aura of danger and vengeance around him. I wouldn't agree he is a good match for her. But they fit, kind of. The only thing which I felt was missing or shown less was the romantic chemistry between the two. It was too subtle to almost to none.

As for the supporting cast, they were a wonderful mix and they confused me at the beginning but later on I was able to figure them out bit by bit. Inspite of that, the ending came as a surprise to me where the real antagonists were revealed. The story had few nice twists which kept me turning the pages to know the end.

The story was well written though few terms used was a bit foreign to me. I had to look up the glossary at the end. It was a steady paced novel and held my attention throughout though there were a few places which nearly made my focus to shatter but then something would happen which would abruptly get me back into the spirit of the tale.

Another point which kind of made the reading awkward was the flashback and present alternating views. Though I generally like that kind of POVs, it wasn't done right in this book. The flashbacks felt too brief in each segment. I was left thinking that it was somehow incomplete. After a while, it was a little bit less irksome as I got into the story.

So this was a surprising read since it entertained me with not being a typical romance. I can see myself trying out the author's other books in the future.

My one line review : An atypical romance with a pinch of mystery and suspense which entertains with each incident.

My rating : 3.5/5

My reread factor : 3/5


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