Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Book Musings - Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Title : Threats of Sky and Sea
Author : Jennifer Ellision
Series : Threats of Sky and Sea, Book 1
Genre : Fantasy, Young Adult
Source : Free copy from the author for an honest review 

Blurb :

Sixteen year-old Breena Perdit has spent her life as a barmaid, innocent to her father’s past and happily free from the Elemental gifts that would condemn her to a life in the Egrian King’s army. Until the day that three Elemental soldiers recognize her father as a traitor to the throne and Bree’s father is thrown in jail—along with the secrets from his last mission as the King’s assassin. Secrets that could help the King win a war. Secrets he refuses to share.

Desperate to escape before the King’s capricious whims prove her and her father’s downfall, Bree bargains with him: information for their lives. It’s a good trade. And she has faith she’ll get them both out of the King’s grasp with time.

But that was before the discovery that she’s the weapon the King’s been waiting for in his war.

Now, time is running out. To save her father’s life and understand her own, Bree must unravel the knot of her father’s past before the King takes his life– and uses her to bring a nation to its knees.

My Musings :

The book cover is so mesmerising. It totally caught my attention. And the book blurb isn't any less interesting. These are the reasons I joined the blog tour for the second book in this series whose review is to be posted after this one.

The featuring of elements in a fantasy novel isn't anything new but the author has taken an unique path to form the story and the events which unfold kept me glued to the book late into the night. I literally finished the book in one sitting. It was an easy book to get lost in and good thing, I had the sequel ready to read else I wouldn't have been able to sleep!

As with any book, this one also has both positive and negative points. The positive ones outweigh the negative as far as I am concerned. I liked the book that much! The characters give strength to the story with their complexity. Bree is such a strong character being able to go forward inspite of different hurdles in her path from the beginning. Caden is a king in every sense. There are nuances to him which makes him one of the most interesting characters of the book. I still haven't decided if Aleta and Tregle are supporting or one of the main protagonist pairs. Kat is more devious than the King. He is only a madman though dangerous. Only parts of all characters are revealed and there is no dearth to the mystery around them.

The world built by the author isn't that complicated at first glance but there are paths in them which still are shrouded in mists of time. I am looking forward to know more about the other kingdoms and the "magic" associated with them. The pace of the story is fast except at certain points like the journey bringing Bree and her Da to the King and Bree's stay in the palace felt too extended. It wasn't that noticeable though.

The plot is only quarter revealed and I am still waiting to know more about the characters and the world around them to know where it is leading to. There were a few twists and turns which surprised me while there were a few secrets which were revealed early to me. I felt that it was contrived how the others hadn't guessed at them yet.

So overall I can say that I totally enjoyed the read and starting the sequel right now. I can't put up with the suspense from the cliffhanger. I have to know how it is going to play out. I can recommend this book to all young adult high fantasy lovers whole heartedly.

My one line review : An enjoyable fantasy of elemental powers with a kick ass heroine and a kingly hero.

My rating : 4.5/5

My reread factor : 4/5


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