Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Book Musings - Obsidian Mask by Scarlett Dawn

Title : Obsidian Mask
Author : Scarlett Dawn
Series : Lion Security, Book 2
Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Source : Free copy from the author for an honest review 

Blurb : 

Elizabeth Forter tamed the head of the Russian mafia, Daniil Kozar. Or so she thought. But the mafia has nothing on her parents--the preacher and anti-gun conspirator. The Lion Security team is thrown for a loop when Mr. and Mrs. Forter decided Key West is their next destination to save their daughter from her 'down-slide' into the darker side.

While Elizabeth is busy distracting her overbearing parents...her lover is watching her. Because she lied. And lying to the Russian mafia can only cause groundbreaking shenanigans. The sort of trouble Elizabeth isn't prepared for, ultimately tying her to the gun-waving killers.

Perhaps Elizabeth and Daniil should have watched their backs, instead of each other. Two lovers can be blinded by their own wants. So what happens when the very air you breathe is poisonous? You put on a gas mask...and pray.

My Musings : 

This is a great continuation to the previous book, Obsidian Liquor. Period.

Where to start? At the beginning, I think?

The book cover depicts Daniil perfectly. Did I say that already? I don't remember anything except the adorable tale.Yes, I used the word adorable to describe a book with a Mafia protagonist. I am still sighing over the romantic chemistry of Beth and Daniil.. and others too. I know I am gushing but I seriously can't help. I think I can read this any day at any time. This is a totally feel good book, in my opinion.

The book starts without any hiccups at the place where the first book one ends. And sets up the characters for a hilarious unfolding of events. If I thought Beth and Daniil with his family were laughter inducing, it's nothing compared to the entry of her parents and family. I was giggling non stop. Though there are a few serious events taking place, they get undermined by the overall goodness of the tale.

Beth has kind of surprised me with her behaviour, though it is hormone induced while Daniil shows a totally new side to him. I saw him as a tough guy in the first book and this book introduced me to his familial and tender side. He made me go "awwwww" more times than I can count. As for the other characters, only Beth's parents were memorable and had me cringing alongside Beth with their actions.

As I had earlier noted in the previous book's review, there are a number of subplots and they are progressing fairly at a steady rate while new ones are added in this book too. I hope they each get their own book because I am sure they will be worth reading.

I don't know about others but I totally am into this series and can't wait for the next book. I am sure it will be just as charming. Do I need to recommend the book more??

My one line review : A totally feel good charming and hilarious romance makes the perfect continuation to the series.

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 5/5


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