Monday 10 August 2015

Blog Tour / Book Musings - The Warning by Sophie Hannah

Today I am taking part in the blog tour of The Warning by Sophie Hannah hosted by Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours. I am reviewing the book in this post. I hope you guys enjoy reading about it as much as I did reading the story.

Title : The Warning
Author : Sophie Hannah
Genre : Mystery
Source : Free copy for an honest review

Blurb : 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

When a kindly stranger does Chloe a good deed, she decides she must repay him. But in tracing him, she meets a sympathetic woman named Nadine, who warns Chloe to stay away from the man at all costs. “Give him nothing, tell him nothing, don’t trust him,” she says. “Avoid him like the plague.”

Chloe knows the sensible thing to do: walk away. But her curiosity gets the best of her. What is the truth about the good Samaritan? How dangerous could he be? And can Chloe find the answers without putting herself and her daughter in harm’s way?

A twisting, razor-sharp suspense story that will keep you guessing to the very end, The Warning features an appearance from Simon Waterhouse, next seen in the full-length thriller Woman With a Secret - already hailed as “mesmerizing” (Lisa Gardner) and “unputdownable” (Liane Moriarty).

My Musings :

The characters were well portrayed. Chloe was too naive but she suited the tale well while Tom was too nice. I think I am over thinking it because no one is that nice anymore! I felt it was a little bit artificial that they fell for each other so fast. Otherwise the story kept my attention from the warning till the time the actual wrong doer is revealed.

The scenes flowed easily and the dialogue added to the mysterious vibe. Sometimes I felt that Chloe was too susceptible but Lorna was there to counteract it. Else the entire story would have been a bit unbelievable.

It was all upside down and I didn't know who were the good guys and the bad guys. Throughout the book, I kept guessing at the characters' personalities and intentions. The ending was kind of abrupt in my opinion. I felt there should have been more to explain the situation. And it was too passive too.

The author kept the story going at a steady pace tantalising me with the tale being from Chloe's POV. I felt her feelings and emotions intimately which again added to the suspense element. I felt that the story idea wasn't fully explored since it was a short story but otherwise, it was an enjoyable book.

In short, this is a good book to try out the author's writing. Now I am looking forward to checking out her other titles.

My one line review : A warning leads to an enjoyable psychological mystery.

My rating : 3/5

My reread factor : 4/5

Meet the Author :

Sophie Hannah is the New York Times bestselling author of nine psychological thrillers as well as The Monogram Murders, the first novel to be authorized by the estate of Agatha Christie. Her books have received numerous awards, including the UK National Book Award, and are published in twenty-seven countries. She lives in Cambridge, England.

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