Friday 21 August 2015

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Fast Facts
Author: B.J. Tiernan
Genre: Psychological Fiction/New Age Thought
Book: Standing on A Whale


B.J. TiernanB.J. Tiernan is a teacher. It’s her calling. She’s been at it since graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1972. Whether it is in the classroom or through her writing, it is what she loves to do. 

For the past fifteen years, she has been putting her certification in Social Sciences to work teaching World History and Ancient Cultures to sixth graders in Weston, Florida. B.J. Tiernan writes contemporary fiction that causes the reader to think, to ponder, to question. Through the back door of fiction, she addresses questions about living, dying and the age-old task of merging our dark side with the light. One of her biggest joys has been to design and teach a writing course for adults at Community School, where individuals can shine a light on their own memories and experiences and organize them into stories.


Throughout the years, B.J. Tiernan has given numerous seminars, inspirational workshops and classes to promote self-growth and writing skills. She has taught several creative writing classes at Community Schools in Broward County, Florida. One of her student’s short stories was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul–Family Matters. It was a proud moment for Tiernan who dedicates Standing on a Whale to all of the students who have passed through her classes and workshops hungry to learn and write. Tiernan also has a blog, Moments With The Muse,  where she shares herself and her ideas with other writers.


Standing On A WhaleA suicidal medical doctor wrestles his personal demons as a new patient’s life ropes him into a world of murder and national intrigue and changes the course of his life.

"An engaging mystery...A provocative philosophical exploration that doubles as a crafty thriller." KIRKUS 

Book Review: This is from Amazon, Susan “Bold statements and flowing language engaged me from the first page. A novel of insight, delightful personalities, wonderful discourse, and elegant prose. The author has offered us a story that moves along purposefully into intrigue just sinister enough to fully engage the reader, which does not settle into the grisly or gruesome. I found myself lost in some of Hadden's pronouncements as true insights into the nature of the world we all inhabit. My recommendation is that you read this enjoyable tome, lose yourself in the story, and have as good a time as I did.”


"As I followed her with my wet eyes, I realized that something had shifted in me. No longer did I fear the fragile veil of death. All I feared now was the pain." B.J. Tiernan--Standing On A Whale

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