Thursday 27 August 2015

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Fast Facts:

Author: Stanislava D. Kohut
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Barney's Choice
Snow in May


I was born in the early 80's and grew up in the former Czechoslovakia as a single child. My father's bed time stories and our huge library were the catalyst for my already wild and vivid imagination. I always loved to write, I 'wrote' my first picture book at age five and 'sold' it auction style to the highest bidder ( in this case my father )
I attended Private Veterinary High School, then continued my education at an International Hotel and Travel Management School.
I worked as a tour guide in Venice and Rome and was also a Captain of the Slovak Junior Olympic White Water Rafting Team for eight years, then switched to modeling and traveled the world extensively. Not all the experiences were positive, but all of them were invaluable.
I now live with my husband in the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Ruler Of Nothingness

Throughout the time and space,
my body is floating,
lost in the powdery whiteness
of the milky way.
Sliding on the rings,
of Neptune and Saturn,
past the darkness of a black hole,
far and beyond.
Queen of the universe,
ruler of nothingness,
with my every particle,
I crave for a touch.
How many lives ago,
I cannot remember,
I was then part of you,
feeling so strong.
But I wanted more,
never truly satisfied,
until the world,
swallowed me whole.
And that’s what I am missing now,
the closeness of you,
and suddenly everything,
means nothing at all.
So when I close my eyes,
a prayer comes silently,
that beyond the next nebula,
my dream will come true.
I’ll give up the universe,
the riches and powers,
to call you mine,
once and for all.
Finally it seems to me,
the planets are aligning,
and I am being graced,
by your glowing touch.
Your presence is blinding,
You are above it all,
I am basking in your light,
of spiritual fullness.
I couldn’t ask for more,
than what you are,
my tears flow like rivers,
I melt in your embrace.

The Woods Of Enchantment

Nightingale, nightingale
Sing through the night, sing through the night to me.
Lead me to the place, where I first saw him waiting,
At the clearing in the moonlight.
I can’t stop dreaming,
With my eyes open.
I am yearning for the dark veil to fall back.
Little bird lead me through the woods,
To that enchanted place, where I left my heart,
So many moonlights ago.
The spider webs were sparkling then,
With droplets of rain like diamonds,
And the cycads were buzzing,
With the excitements of love anew.
Nightingale, lead me through the night,
Through the thickest fog that falls,
and surrounds me impenetrably,
leaving me lost on a lonely road.
You, with the blue eyes,
The beautiful delusion of mine,
That torments freely my aching soul,
When will you turn yourself into reality?
I came to the clearing,
Where I first met you so many nights ago,
But you are not here anymore.
And the only sound I hear, is the beating of my heart.
Were you ever real?
Or was it just me,
Dancing by myself in the pale shine of the moon?
While listening to the sad song of the birds,
the fireflies keep leading me,
deeper into the woods, as I follow,
like a lost lamb, hoping to find you.
Even as I am walking into a lion’s den,
there are so many eyes in here,
Waiting for me to stray from my path,
I can hear their pacing paws,
I can feel their sharp claws.
You were so sweet, you, the devil in disguise,
luring the innocence out of me,
tearing me to pieces with your gentle touch.
Oh, I should have known.
And as I am standing here, hearing the thunder clouds,
Waiting for the lightning bolt,
That will burn me to ashes.
And I will rise again, strong and reborn
I will howl at the moon, and spin in a wild dance,
finally able to embrace your touch,
I will look deep into your eyes, as our bodies melt in one,
Our souls will shine, dark as a fallen star.



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