Monday 21 September 2015

Book Blitz - Sentinel Lost by A.E.Jones


Sentinel Lost 
Publication Date: September 21, 2015 



Book 5 in the Award Winning Mind Sweeper Series

How many supernaturals does it take to screw in a lightbulb? For this particular case, way more than Kyle McKinley has backing her up. 

 When she stumbles upon a dark museum, missing artwork, and a dead security guard, Kyle and her team are thrust into a new mystery. One involving demons. But not your run of the mill demons—realm demons. Tougher, scarier, and banned from earth, they are escaping from the realm and wreaking havoc in Cleveland, Ohio, of all places. 

 Now the Feds have shown up, and Kyle has to deal with the one person she prayed she would never see again. Dalton. How can she keep the truth of their past from him without jeopardizing the case? Especially when the Key of Knowledge is part of the mystery. The same Key that almost cost Dalton his sanity and is now threatening hers. Kyle is just starting to get her life back together again with Griffin at her side. And now the Fates are forcing her to choose. But when a demon apocalypse looms on the horizon, her only choice is to embrace the Key to save the world, regardless of what it might cost her.

 Mind Sweeper, book 1 in the series was a Golden Heart Winner in Paranormal Romance and a double RWA RITA finalist for First Book and Paranormal Romance.

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I went back into the dressing room. The second dress never made it out of there. No way 
was I wearing it anywhere in polite society. I reached for dress three, which was a deep 
burgundy, and slipped it on. It actually looked pretty damn good in a-way-too-short kind of way. 

The thin straps showed off my shoulders, and at least my bum was covered this time. But I 
would have to remember not to reach up for anything, or all my secrets would be exposed.

I opened the curtain, and the saleswoman grinned while she held out a pair of slinky 
black sandals. I slipped them on and presented myself for Doc and Talia’s inspection.

Doc smacked her hands together. “That’s the one!”

“It’s perfect, Kyle,” Talia agreed. 

“That it is,” Doc agreed. “Talia, you should buy the gold one. Those two dresses will 
knock ’em dead, if they aren’t already.”

Talia and I changed while the clerk rang up our purchases. Then we all climbed back into 
Talia’s Mustang.

“Now, on to the beauty shop,” Doc announced.

Oh, hell no! “You didn’t say anything about a beauty shop.”

Doc grinned. “Of course I didn’t. You wouldn’t have come.”

“I’m not going to any beauty shop.”

“Did I mention there’s an old-fashioned ice cream parlor across the street from it?”

“You have no shame, woman.”

Doc laughed. “And you need to sow some oats, Kyle.” 

Talia said. “I agree, you need to have some fun.”

“I don’t need to sow any damn oats. What are you two, the supernatural version of 
Thelma and Louise?”

“Hardly,” Talia scoffed. “This car is a classic. No way would I drive it off a cliff.”

About A. E. Jones

AE Jones
Growing up a TV junkie, AE Jones oftentimes rewrote endings of episodes in her head when she didn’t like the outcome. She immersed herself in sci-fi and soap operas. But when Buffy hit the little screen, she knew her true love was paranormal. Now she spends her nights weaving stories about all variation of supernatural—their angst and their humor. After all, life is about both…whether you sport fangs or not.

 AE won RWA’s 2013 Golden Heart ® Award for her paranormal manuscript, Mind Sweeper. Mind Sweeper was also a 2015 RWA RITA® finalist for both First Book and Paranormal Romance.

 AE lives in Ohio surrounded by her eclectic family and friends who in no way resemble any characters in her books. Honest. Now her two cats are another story altogether.