Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blog Tour / Book Musings - Something Wiccan by James Drummond

Welcome to the review stop of Something Wiccan by James Drummond on my blog today. 

Title : Something Wiccan
Author : James Drummond
Genre : Young Adult, Supernatural Horro
Source : A free copy from the author for an honest review

Blurb :

After discovering a family secret in the attic, Natalie Sherwood also begins to discover some unsettling things about herself. As she starts experimenting with her newfound abilities, she accidentally summons beings who strive to kill her and steal her magical powers.

After saving his hometown from a pack of savage werewolves, Toby Hoffman is recruited by an elite group of international hunters to help confront supernatural creatures across the globe. Saving Natalie from the beings she's brought to her hometown will be his first mission.

My Musings : 

When I first joined the blog tour, the blurb hinted at an interesting tale and I was happy to pick it up to read. But when I started reading the book, I realised I had unwittingly picked up a sequel. It seemed to be the second book in a series and I had never read the first one.

So I was kind of surprised that I was able to follow the story from the start. It had enough back story on the characters introduced in the previous book to know what had happened but not so much that it stopped me from being intrigued enough to think of getting the first book. Yes, after this review is done, I am picking up the other book. I want to know the story behind the hero, Toby. I am sure that I will enjoy it as much as this book. So this book can be read as a standalone too.

The book cover was cool but I don't think it suited the story. It doesn't give a scary vibe and the characters depicted on it made me think of them being younger than their book ages.

Another point is that though it is classified as a supernatural horror, I would agree with the supernatural label but not the horror one. At no point did I feel scared during the story. It was more of an adventure and a slight mystery about their powers etc.,

The characters were realistic with Toby, Rachel and Natalie being their normal teenage selves as much as they can in their situation. The story was original in some context while same old stuff in other. But the way the author told the story made it read-worthy. The concept was different and had me on my toes following the actions and reactions of the protagonists. I had fun reading about them and am looking forward to the first book. Yes, that's me reading backwards!

My one line review : A good supernatural adventure with adrenaline pumping action.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 3/5

Meet the Author : 

James is the author of the Out of the Dark series. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife Angela and two cats named Tim and Ruby. During the day James is a Senior Instructional Designer for an e-learning development company. Wojtek Batko designs the covers for James' books.

Contact Information

Twitter: @jdrummond1273

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for the thoughtful review!