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Book Musings - The Journey of the Marked by Rebecca P. McCray

Title : The Journey of the Marked
Author : Rebecca P. McCray
Series : The Miyran Heir, Book 1
Genre : Fantasy, Young Adult
Source : A free copy from the author via R&R in David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite!

Blurb : 

On a distant planet, Eros thrives in the Human settlement he calls home. Raised to follow his grandfather's noble footsteps, he studies the details of each species that co-exist here. But when his sixteenth birthday arrives and the mark appears, he's called to fight, which changes his life forever. 

Forced to abandon his home, the mark makes him the hunted. He's attacked the night he arrives in the city. A tough, street fighter named Kenrya saves his life. When they join others on the same journey, her cynical attitude drives a wedge between the group. 

Given the perils facing them, can they put aside their differences and trust each other long enough to survive? 

Discover this epic adventure where an individual's unique abilities can change the course of the future.

Finalist in The 2014 Wishing Shelf Book Awards

My Musings : 

Another new author to add to my growing Watchlist . I am happy that I participate in Read and Review programs at times because that's how I discover new authors to me. And I am pretty hyped that I picked up The Journey of the Marked. I absolutely loved the book and I can't wait for the sequel.

I was in a place where I wasn't looking for more books to read when I came across this book and the book cover was the first item which grabbed my attention with its bright and colourful image. It fits the book with the depiction of one of the Marked on it. The second item which made me realise that I had to read this book was the book blurb. I can't resist a mystery laden fantasy and this one is one of the finest I have read.

There are so many elements of the book which make it a great read for fantasy lovers. Let me start with the storyline. The story of certain people meeting by destiny and their journey through various perils forms the base of the first book in this series. The blurb actually puts the attention on Eros and Kenrya. But I felt that all the Marked ones are the protagonists and they all form a thread of the plot to combine to make an adventurous tale. I don't want to post spoilers so I am not naming the other characters. But they all have strengths and weaknesses which complement each other. They are well portrayed in the book and this adds realism to the plot with well developed characters.

I usually read the first few chapters slowly to not get information overload and that was a good tactic with this book. They are loaded full of information about the world of the Miyran Heir. The author has given good background information about each character which makes for a good world building. Throughout the book, the various races are depicted in vivid prose and this makes it easy to imagine the various characters and places. The writing style was also great and the scenes literally flowed. There was no hitch in any of them and the plot was sustained at a steady pace. The action in the book had me on alert and I loved the stunts and of course the victory of the good "people" in the book though I hated the casualties in the fights. There is usually one person who forms the negative character but in this book, I am not sure if the bad guy is indeed one because of the insight gained about one of their species during the reading of this book. So I am going to wait for the follow up read to try to figure out the villain of the series. There sure are multiple layers to the characters involved in the tale.

All in all, I recommend this book to people who love to read the fantasy genre, especially of the prophesy based sub genre and also loves fights and likes to read about the struggles of the main characters. I give the book a 5 star rating whole heartedly and now if I can just live through the waiting for the next book... Sighs..

My one like review : Follow the action packed, prophesy based journey of the predestined Marked on a perilous journey!

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 5/5


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