Saturday 18 July 2015

Book Musings - The Guardians by Lisa Barry

Title : The Guardians
Author : Lisa Barry
Series : Gargoyles Den, Book 1
Genre : Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Source : Free copy from the author for an honest review 

Blurb :

Sloane Jacobs has been on the edge of crazy for a long time now. That happens when you can read everyone’s aura, not what they show on the outside but what they’re really like. Knowing that sharing her curse would get her a one-way ticket to the loony bin, Sloane lives alone and trusts no one.

That changes when she meets Liam McDougall, a Gray One; the only kind that she can’t read. She doesn't know what he is exactly but members of his team are disappearing and they need her skills to help them.

Sloane jumps headlong into their hidden world. Her skills develop with their help only to find that sentient animals, the fae, gargoyles and other creatures of imagination might not be just entertaining stories teaching her in the hardest way that no one is what they seem.

My Musings : 

This one was a fast read on so many levels. I only wish that the book cover was better than this one. It's too bland to fit the story. I have read very few books about Gargoyles and this prompted me to take a look at this story. And I am kind of glad for it. Though it has recognisable elements, the outcome is a bit different, in a good way.

Seeing people based on their auras and knowing their intentions keeps the female protagonist, Sloane paranoid and hesitant to trust people. Sloane is one character who went through a variety of changes in the story, from the timid mouse to developing a backbone. The male protagonist, Liam is so stoic and is the perfect guy for Sloane with his unshakeable dependability. He seems to be on shaky ground only when in the company of Sloane. That was predictable! Each and every supporting character added a variant to the tale with their roles. I believe Nia especially has a tale to tell. I hope the author clears up that mystery in the next book. My favourite was Andy with his resolve to escape and his thirst to know more about himself.

The narration of the story was easy to follow and the descriptions were easy to imagine so as to get a picture of each scene as it played out. The pace was steady throughout the book with spikes in certain scenes with more violence and action. I loved the fact that the author didn't show only Sloane's side of things but also included Liam's and Andy's too. That made the book varied and kept me interested in their lives. And also the paranormal creatures encountered in the tale like Gargoyles and especially Aspies (that's a new one to me!) engrossed me with their traits and personalities. The world building was done in a gradual way and left me with a much clearer view at the climax.

The starting of the book was a bit slow in my opinion but it picked up as soon as Sloane fell in with Liam's group. The ending surprised and confused me. It surprised me with Liam's decision which I didn't see coming while it confused me because of the same decision. I still don't understand why he felt he had to do that. But that adds a tinge of mystery which will follow into the sequel. I am so looking forward to reading the next book now!

Overall, I can recommend this book to paranormal book lovers who like a good story, steady pace and reading more about lesser known paranormal elements.

My one line review : A fast read of Gargoyles and Aspies for the adventurous paranormal readers!

My rating : 3.5/5

My reread factor : 4/5



  1. Thanks for the great review of this book Floryie. It sounds like an interesting read. Wow, never come across Aspies before, I'm intrigued! I'll be adding this one to my ever growing TBR pile. :)

    1. Yep, I wasn't expecting anything like Aspies. They are fun though. Haha I can understand about the growing TBR problems..:D