Thursday 16 July 2015

(Audio) Book Musings - The Never Hero by T.Ellery Hodges

Title : The Never Hero
Author : T.Ellery Hodges
Series : The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs #1
Genre : New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction
Source : A free audiobook from the author via JanealFaloras

Blurb : 

At the gates between worlds...
In a war outside of time...
He fights for us.

Reclusive college student Jonathan Tibbs wakes in a pool of blood, not a scratch on him. His life is about to undergo a massive shift. A violent and merciless otherworldly enemy unleashes slaughter in the streets, calling out in a language only he understands.

And it is seeking its challenger.

In order to defeat the threat, Jonathan must become a temporal weapon... while remaining completely anonymous. Unfortunately, harnessing off-world powers has its own special challenges...

The Never Hero is the first installment in The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs -- a mind-bending, genre crossing, action-adventure trilogy.

My Musings : 

This is the first audio book I have ever "read" and well I am not sure if I want to repeat the process or not. I think I like reading better than listening to a book. Maybe for the next one I will be better prepared. I am not able to decide.

But personal preferences aside, the audio quality was good and the story was narrated at a good pace and with good diction so I could understand it perfectly. Remember that I am not an English speaking person and the narration was clear enough for me. It might seem a bit slow to others though I guess.

I went into  the book expecting a perfect hero but what I got was a perfectly portrayed one with personal baggage and issues. Jonathan was well developed in stages with his calm demeanour and his slow realisation that he has to do everything possible in order to survive. He is never heroic in any of the scenes but he rocks as a hero in my opinion. The side characters add a much needed check on the crazy goings on at intervals. Wow, Grant totally irked me with his attitude while Paige made me love her with her vulnerability hidden under a tough exterior. Hayden and Collin added the required nerdy-ness to the story. Leah seems to be a mystery whose character is slightly revealed at the end.

The book is so appropriately named. Jonathan will never be the hero because people forget his heroics. That made me sad because I feel the protagonist has to have some encouragement from the people for risking his life every time. The prologue was mysterious and had me thinking in terms of What, Why, How etc., Then the tale started off slowly and picked up pace with my interest being piqued when Jonathan started to become the "super" hero. The ending has me questioning Leah, Heyer and the other mysterious persons in the book.

In short, I had a good time seeing Jonathan turn his life over to Heyer for mankind's protection.

My one line review : A Hero who is never remembered has a coming of age story for the readers.

My rating : 3.5/5

My reread factor : 3/5


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