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Blogger Meet - Sue from Bedazzled by Books - The Benefits of Reading

Book lovers like myself never need an excuse to curl up with a good book, and we all read for
different reasons – to mellow out, enjoy a good story, while away some time, dream of another
time, another place. But did you know that reading is actually good for you? Here are my thoughts
on some of the benefits of reading I came across on the internet which I now use as an excuse for
spending hours hidden away involved in a book and not doing the housework!

1.Gain A Stronger Analytical Mind

How many times have you read a mystery novel and solved it before the end? As you were reading
the story, you were analysing the clues and taking note of all the little details which allowed you to
determine who the correct suspect was. This ability to analyse also helps you to critique the plot,
storyline, character development, writing quality and discuss the book with others, which can also
come in handy for writing book reviews!

2.Improves Your Concentration

Reading a novel is very different to reading a magazine piece or a newspaper article. Books require
long periods of focus and concentration. When you become fully involved in the book you are
reading, you switch off from the outside world and strengthen your attention span.

3.Improves Your Imagination

Whether you read fantasy novels or science fiction, paranormal, or adventure stories, reading books
increases your understanding of what is possible. Reading written descriptions of different places or
events makes your mind create images in your head, as opposed to watching images in films and
television that someone else has imagined for you.

4.Increases Your Verbal Communication Skills

It has been found that people who read have a wider vocabulary and are able to express themselves
better and are able to get their point across to others more easily than people who don’t read books.
The more you read the more words you consume and the higher the vocabulary you use in your
everyday living.

5.Improves Your Memory

When you read a book you have to remember various characters and their roles in the story, the
events that occur, where they occurred, who was involved, why things were happening, the main plot
and sub plots throughout the book. By reading a book, you are strengthening your short term
memory as every new memory you make strengthens existing ones.

6.Prevents Alzheimer’s

Over the years, research has shown that people who engage in brain activities like reading and doing
puzzles are less likely to have Alzheimer’s.  Scientists say that the brain, like other organs of the body, ages in regards to how it is used. So, just as physical activity strengthens the heart to help prevent heart disease, reading is an intellectual activity which strengthens the brain to help prevent brain disease such as Alzheimer’s.

7.Keeps The Brain Sharp

Studies have shown that a lifetime of reading can keep your brain in good shape when you reach old
age. Researchers found that those people who engaged in mentally stimulating activities like
reading, had a slower mental decline compared to those who didn’t read. And if you didn’t start
reading till later in life, it can still considerably slow down the rate of mental decline as you age. So as we bookworms already knew, it is important to read at any age!

8.Makes You More Empathetic

Studies have shown that losing yourself in a work of fiction increases empathy. When you read a
good book and are swept away by the story or the characters your empathic side gets a strong boost.
Those who don’t read or who do read but don’t get lost emotionally in the story actually become less

9.Helps You Sleep Better

Including some reading time in your wind down routine before going to bed can help you sleep much
better. Anything with bright lights will keep you awake, so read your book under a dim light and your
body will gradually get ready for some shut eye. (But don’t read a real page turner or you’ll be up all

10.Helps You To Unwind

Research has shown that picking up a good book can help you calm down and de-stress a lot more
quickly than other activities like walking, listening to music, or having a cuppa. The research showed
that participants took a mere six minutes to relax when reading a book. By losing yourself in an
engrossing book you are escaping from the day’s worries and stressors and are able to chill out and

So there you have it – ten good reasons to keep up your reading habits. And if you ever come across
one of those weird people who hate to read, tell them about the wonderful benefits of reading a
book and maybe, just maybe, you’ll change their mind!

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