Wednesday 29 July 2015

Blog Tour / Book Musings - The Secret Keeper by Angela Carling

Hello! I am hosting the blog tour of The Secret Keeper by Angela Carling today organised by Irresistible Reads Tours Read on to know what I think about the book.

Title : The Secret Keeper
Author : Angela Carling
Series : The Secret Keeper, Book 1
Genre : Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Source : Free copy from the author for an honest review

Blurb :

When Seventeen year old Winter Merrill was compelled to make a bargain with the mysterious Secret Keeper, she knew there were rules. The most important one, the next time you have a secret, you will not be able to tell it….even if you try.

What she didn’t know is that her next secret if not told, would destroy her life and the life of Liam, the only boy she ever loved. Can Winter find a way out of the dark bargain that binds her tongue or will her deal with the Secret Keeper bring devastating consequences unimaginable even to her?

My Musings :

I was literally screaming at the protagonist, Winter while I was reading the book. Oh it's not what you are thinking. It was in a good way and my screaming was because I was easily carried away by the situations arising in the tale.

Let me start at the beginning.
When I started the book, I didn't have any expectation since this is a first time author for me. The only thought I had was that the blurb sounded interesting and different. I haven't seen any about Secret Keepers and their ilk. So I was suitably intrigued and the book cover too adds a sense of mystery to the story.

The start was the usual stuff, introducing us to Winter and her life and all the important people and events are easily identified in the first few pages. A seemingly innocent teenage mistake is taken and twisted into a new type of paranormal read by the author and I have to say "Kudos" to that. If it wasn't for Winter's mistake the whole book wouldn't have been. It's the base for Winter meeting the Secret Keeper and the incidents which take place thereafter.

The story starts to get intense after Winter meets the Secret Keeper and it kept me on my toes till the end, making me wonder what would happen next during each scene. I went through the whole gamut of human emotions from guilt to happiness to horror to sorrow through the heroine. Not even Liam with his mature understanding and support at the end garnered that much liking from me as much as Winter did. She is a finely crafted character who easily had me grasped in her feelings and thoughts. No one else stood out much among the side characters except for Mr. Shoop with his devious mind and genial veneer.

The story was steady paced at the start and slowly ramped up to a pitch with the devastating murders and stayed that way till the end. The story was told in Winter's and Liam's POV. I generally love reading both POVs since that helps in knowing what everyone is upto. But it was a bit confusing for me in this book since it wasn't alternating. I had to look at the name every time a chapter started to know whose turn it was. The premise of the book is unique and kept me turning the pages. The book hasn't even started on the character of the Secret Keeper and I am sure there's so much more to know about her and her powers and all the questions associated with it.

The ending was a kind of a cliffhanger and I am sure the next book would make up for it easily. I felt kind of sad for Winter at the end. But then that's the way the book is shaped. So overall, the ending was okay.

If I had a chance to grab the sequel's copy right now, I would. And if you guys like to read different types of paranormal-ish books without the usual entities associated with them, I would recommend this unique tale.

My one line review : A tale of secrets and the mysterious Secret Keeper keeps you glued to the pages.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 3.5/5

Meet the Author : 

Angela Carling was raised in Palm Springs California, but lives Arizona with her husband, three kids and five felines.  After years of denial she finally admitted that she is a hopeless romantic which led her to write her first Young Adult book Unbreakable Love. Since then she’s published three more books, Shackled, Becoming Bryn and The Secret Keeper. Shackled won the silver IPGA award in 2012 and has been optioned as a screenplay. She always eats the frosting off her cake and leaves the rest, and can be caught singing in public bathrooms just for the acoustics.  When she’s not writing YA novels, she’s mentoring teen writers, making pizza with her family or dreaming of taking a nap, not necessarily in that order. 

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