Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Release/Book Musings - Two Wrongs Make a Right by Ann Everett

Name of the book : Two Wrongs Make a Right
Author's Name : Ann Everett
Genre : Romance, Contemporary
Source : An ARC from the author for an unbiased review

Blurb : 

How can something so wrong…
All Quinn Dorsey wants is a white picket fence fairy tale. But after another failed relationship and her biological clock ticking double time, she’s desperate enough to try online dating. Following a series of worst dates ever, she decides happily-ever-after isn't in the Tarot cards. Forget Cupid, it's time to take matters into her own hands. A simple seduction should do the trick, but then everything that can go wrong...does!
…Turn out to be so right
Dak Savage isn't interested in commitment. He's been burned by women before - lied to, used, even shot. Hell, he considers women a curse and has one rule he never breaks - don't pick up women in bars. But when he agrees to a guys' night out and meets up with the feisty, fast talking Quinn, his rule shatters like a dropped shot glass. 
A one night stand turns into a long weekend and as Quinn tries to abandon her ridiculous scheme, she finds herself nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe with the best mistake she's ever made.

My Musings :

Happy book birthday, Two Wrongs Make a Right!! The book is being released today and I am happy that I got a chance to read it early. It sated my hankering for a good contemporary romance. Thank you, Ma'm for a free copy in exchange for an honest and true review.

The book cover implies a fight or a misunderstanding between the lead characters, Quinn and Dak while the blurb hints at a wrong incident turning into the right one at the end. Both form the base of the book. The title is so right in this case. Quinn and Dak,both, make wrong decisions which turn into a happily ever after ending.

I loved the characters and the plot. Usually the main characters are introduced together or as meeting in the first chapter but this was a bit different. First, Quinn is introduced and we get to know her as a soft and gentle person. Then Dak comes into the scene. He is shown as a playboy in the beginning but later grows into a great guy. They are supported by a good cast of side characters. Megan seems to be a coward while Raynie is colourful and fits the role of a loyal friend perfectly. I loved her tarot card reading antics a lot. Then there is Sim who constantly pokes and prods Dak onto the right path.

The book is a good testament to the line, "Communication is key to a good relationship." If they had only talked, we wouldn't have their story at all! The only thing I didn't like was Quinn's attitude towards Dak's coldness and how long he took to get over himself. Otherwise, I loved the book. It was the right combination of romance and emotions. I was happy and sad in turns while reading the book. The story pulled me right in and I felt I could relate to the characters well. I enjoyed this book and I hope there is a book for others too, especially Raynie. I have 3 words for you, "Go for it!!", if you are procrastinating on reading the book. It won't let you down.

My one line review : Solid romance which will keep your emotions tied up in knots.

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 4/5



  1. Floryie,
    Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a great review! Also, thanks for bringing to my attention all those errors you found in your read...that is much appreciated. The files have been corrected, but won't be republished for a few days. I love that you took the time to help me with another read-through!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! ~Ann

  2. Thank you!! It was my pleasure. No problem at all :) YAY! Waiting for the corrected one..