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Book Musings - The Kuthun by S.A.Carter

Name of the book : The Kuthun
Author's Name : S.A.Carter
Genre : Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy,Young Adult
Series : The Kuthun, First Book
Source : I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

Blurb :

When Elena is given a kuthun on the morning of her birthday she is unaware of the ancient magic it wields. Tormented by dreams, and haunted by a curse that has plagued her family of witches for centuries, she must uncover the truth about her destiny, or face an uncertain future.As the last of her bloodline, Elena must confront her enemy in a fight for survival that sees her forced towards the brink of darkness.When the time comes to choose between a life she knows, and a life she must give, will she be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? 
My Musings :

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review and I got to say that it will not affect my review. I will blog what my reactions were when I was reading it.

The blurb looked interesting enough to me and it combined with the book cover to create a try-it-at-least-once vibe. The charm in the book cover, the kuthun especially tickled my fancy and I am glad I got a chance to read it. Though the blurb sounds a bit similar to other witches' stories with amulets, destinies and curses, the author has put a different spin on it. It shows a few "real world" events in a new light and not based on the Greco-Roman mythology which is sort of common.

The main lead, Elena is introduced with all the peculiarities of her life which isn't normal even for a witch. But she copes well with the events unfolding around her most of the times.She seems too calm at times and too emotional in certain places. Her friend, Phoebe is purely a distraction in the story when the going gets tough except at the end. Another person I sort of think as a lead is Josiah because without him the story wouldn't be at all. He is a strong character while Lily is a blip on the radar. I was disappointed that there was not much action against the villain but then the story was crafted in such a way that the book focuses more on Elena than on him. The villain is just like a shadow that you know is there at all times but shows up only in a few instances.

The plot is pure adventure leading from one scene to another. The story line isn't jerky at all but coalesces into one smooth book movie. The description is detailed enough to create strong images in our minds but not so much so that the book becomes a drag.The dialogue flows naturally among the characters but I found the sarcastic comments excessive in a few situations. The ending wasn't quite what I thought it would be but it doesn't leave us at a cliffhanger. I definitely would be looking forward to the next book!

What would I like in the next book? - The glossary of the spells used in the series followed by more action and a romantic interest for Elena (which is kind of implied in the book)!

My one line review : S.A.Carter introduces us to a pure adventurous tale with evocative description!

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 4/5


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