Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Musings - Elemental Shadows by Phaedra Weldon

Name of the book : Elemental Shadows
Author's Name : Phaedra Weldon 
Genre : Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Series : The Eldritch Files - Book 2
Length : Novella

Blurb : 

How do we tell the good from the bad when they look the same? 
Elemental Witch and Magic Shop owner, Samantha Hawthorne, faces her future with the knowledge she was raised, taught, and groomed by the very evil responsible for the disappearance of her mother. Threads of Arcane Magic linger alongside the guilt Samantha endures for killing an innocent in her failed pursuit for revenge. 
Now Clerics, the Witch’s Judiciary Branch, appear and request her aid in proving the self-appointed Witch Queen of New Orleans possesses the rumored Malleus Maleficarum, The Witch’s Hammer. They believe her command of the book’s Arcane power is responsible for the death of three Witch Elders. 
But something else is rising in the city as reports of ghost sightings and evil shadows increase. Faced with a lingering fear her own use of Arcane Magic has tainted her in some way, mounting pressure with the threat of a warlock from the Clerics, and suspicion that the evil that escaped her is still influencing her decisions, Samantha calls upon her friends to weave their unique magic together to stop the rampage of Elemental Shadows. 

Elemental Shadows is the second book in the Eldritch Files series.

My musings : 

The second book in the Eldritch Files didn't disappoint. I bought this book on Amazon Kindle as soon as I finished the first one. I totally love the book covers in this series. They are so symbolic and the cover of this book is a good representation of the story. Just look at the picture after finishing the book. You will understand what I mean.

Let me quote Shakespeare here , from Hamlet -"for there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so" The book is a perfect example of the above quotation. We see more of Arcane and its effect on Samantha. Arcane might be dangerous but it's exaggerated in the witches' thoughts as far as this book's concerned. I am not saying it's good but it's been given too much of a bad reputation.

 We also learn more about the personalities of the characters. Samantha comes across as an insensitive and selfish person at times. But she is also conscientious and loyal. She seems too trusting and cynical in turns. I knew that Robin and Samantha would break up. Robin is too weak for her. She needs someone who is both tender and bad-ass. Just like Crwys! He doesn't change much in this book. He is steadfast and on Samantha's side as usual. Ivan and Kyle are supportive of her in spite of what happens. That shows their loyalty and their love. Ivan shows growth in his magic while Kyle, well, he was cleared of my suspicions! I am not going to talk about the negative characters except to say that they are portrayed good. I don't want to spoil it for you.

The plot seemed a diversion of the path to Dionysus yet it was good and added more depth to the world. The world building is still contained but widened out a bit. I would like to learn more about the world in the coming books. We deal more with Faeries this time, learning more about the Queens. Two mysteries are cleared in this story. I am not saying! Read the book!..*grins*

I can say that I liked the book and I will continue reading the series. Thumbs up on the book in spite of the errors found in them.

My one line review : If you are on the lookout for a spunky heroine with powers and a good action then this is it!

My rating: 4/5

My reread factor:  4/5

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