Thursday, 2 April 2015

Book Musings - Elemental Moon by Phaedra Weldon

Name of the book : Elemental Moon
Author's Name :  Phaedra Weldon
Series : The Eldritch Files, Book 3
Genre : Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Length : Novella


Adjusting to the news her wolf is more than just a Familiar while lobbying the Witch's Parliament to remove her recent warlocking, Samantha Hawthorne is approached by an Alpha Werewolf. Two of his pack are missing and he asks Sam to help find them. 
Before she can answer, the Alpha marks her with a bite in order to guarantee her assistance, and to declare her his mate should she fail. 
Now it's a race against the Alpha’s venom to find the missing pack members while battling Ceremonial Magicians, revenge-seeking Clerics and Sam’s Arcane power that has suddenly acquired a voice of its own! 

Elemental Moon is the third book in the Eldritch Files series.

My Musings: 

One more book to whet my Samantha Hawthorne's addiction! Now that I have finished the available books, I can't wait to read more. But before that, let's look at what makes this book tick.

So the first two books introduces us to Faeries and witches, Phaedra-style. Now it's time to read about other sectors of the population of Sam's world. The author has done a good job of not overwhelming us with all the details in the first book. We are slowly and steadily exposed to more of the different factors, both good and bad. The series actually reminds me of games which expose features in different levels. Same way, each book enriches our imagination step by step.

The novella has a Do-or-Die start and progresses into a race against time. Elemental Moon is equal parts action and magic. Samantha's race against the venom infection, the showdown against the Magicians and the final confrontation with Ina's friend make for a compelling read. Yeah, another super villain added to the pile at Sam's feet.

This time, there is more romance added to the tale. There are so many 'Awww' moments. Samantha and Crwys, of course! though for a second there I thought it might change, Kyle and Jack and then finally Ivan and the mysterious lady add the oomph factor. I see an emotional depth to Kyle this time around. Samantha is shown as more vulnerable while Ivan and Crwys remain as they are, protective of Sam. And Arcane is the best part of it all.The subtleties of the magic system is woven with an expert hand. We see the evolution of the arcane magic in an individual, how it corrupts and tries to overwhelm a person. The story is interesting enough to hold you captive for a few hours. So in short, I would say, "Go for it!". I would recommend it to the urban fantasy genre lovers.

My one line review : A race against time scenario with romance mixed in makes a captivating read!

My rating: 4/5

My reread factor: 4/5


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