Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Book Musings - Beyond the Sapphire Gate by R.V.Johnson

Title : Beyond the Sapphire Gate
Author : R.V.Johnson
Series : The Flow of Power
Genre : Fantasy
Source : Free copy from the author

Blurb : 

Some magic should remain untouched.
Beyond the Sapphire Gate is the fascinating world of Astura, a world where a frothing, river of magic addicts those who use the power it holds.

Indentured to a private artifact collector on a dying world of high technology, Crystalyn naively activates a gateway. The temptation to touch it is too much for her sister Jade. Extending a fingertip into the mist, she vanishes. Crystalyn follows, stepping into a vibrant world infused with magic and those that Use.

Aided by symbol magic killing her with each use, the defining line between good and evil is not as clear as Crystalyn once believed. The Dark Users want to help her, the Circle of Light wishes to use her. The War of a Hundred Seasons makes her choose.

Half a world away, equipped with a seemingly useless ability to read auras, Jade embarks on a harrowing journey to escape the Dark Citadel with her soul intact.

Propelled to Astura by a devious assault, Garn has only two desires. Reuniting family and destroying those enforcing his servitude.

My Musings : 

If it wasn't for the blurb, I wouldn't have read this book. The book cover didn't do much for me though it had the elements of the book like the blue swirling light namely the Sapphire Gate and others. In my opinion, the cover doesn't do justice to the book. *Now updated with the new book cover which rocks!*

The author hooked me at the start of the blurb itself with the premise of an alternate universe. It is a wonderful adventure of Crystalyn, her sister Jade and their father, Garn who all transport to a different world through a gate. They end up in a magic infused world and each of them begin in a different place so the story is told in separate views. The narration jumps from one person to another and leaves us with a cliffhanger type ending sometimes. Some of the information shared was kind of repetitive when coming back to a person's journey through Astura. But it all coalesces into an enjoyable read.

The characters develop naturally in a progressive way through the book. Crystalyn seems to control her anger and emotions better as the story unfolds while Jade is naive but quickly grows cautious according to her situation. The only place where I was gnashing my teeth was Cry's preoccupation with Darwin. Garn's story is shorter than the others and I am awaiting the scene where all three get together. The world building is absolutely cool. A new and interesting magic system is introduced along with unique creatures and features of Astura. The plot is fast and keeps us going with surprise twists and turns. I definitely didn't expect Lord Charn's reveal! And I have more questions which I hope the author answers in the next book.

The only reason I have not given this book full rating is because of the errors found in the book. Otherwise, I would rate it a full 5 stars in terms of its story, plot, world and characters. Journey along with the lead characters who are from a fully technology based world in an entirely magic involved realm and enjoy an immersive and fantastical world. It will keep you wanting more and I am waiting to get my hands on the next book!

My one line  review : A fast paced adventurous tale with unique magic system and characters!

My rating :  4/5

My reread factor : 5/5



  1. I'm liking the sound of the character development and the magic system, although alternate universe books and I don't always get along. I'm glad you liked this one overall!

    1. I thought they sounded like Earth in a very medieval setting if magic was an inherent part of that world on one hand and the other being a very technologically evolved Earth, which is how, I am sure, our world is going to end up as with our present issues.

      Thank you for reading the review!