Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Book Musings - Aftermath by Tom Lewis

Name of the book : Aftermath
Author's Name : Tom Lewis
Genre : Young Adult, Dystopian
Series: Book One, After the Fall Dystopian Series
Length: Novella
Source : A free copy from the author for an honest and unbiased review

Blurb :

The end of the world came fast. Between the time the warning had sounded on the TV, till when 16-year-old Paige O’Connor awakened sometime later, civilization had been crushed. 
The attacks had come by “them” – those things in the ships in the sky that had appeared suddenly, and without warning. And as Paige would soon discover, the attacks had only been the beginning – those things had plans for the survivors. Aftermath is the first book in the new After the Fall dystopian action series, which follows a young girl’s struggle for survival in the wake of civilization’s collapse, and humanity’s domination by an alien race of beings. 

My Musings: 

I can count the number of books I have read in the dystopian genre on one hand. So, for a bit of a change, I got this e-book to break my fantasy streak and try out something different. Was I disappointed? No and yes!

The first impression of a book is always from its cover and this book cover is good and fits the genre and the book plot. From the blurb, I expected a good paced series of events but what I got was the " FAST and FURIOUS" of a dystopian plot. The story kept me on my toes trying to stay abreast of the events unfolding one after the other. The plot was good but it could have been a bit slower and more attention could have been given to the world building. A book is balanced only when equal attention is given to both the plot and the world building.

As for the characters, I liked the determination of the lead, Paige and her friends and I was cheering them every step of their journey in spite of their crazy stunts. But I was expecting more from Paige. I would start thinking that she isn't a normal teenager when she would prove that she does have emotions.She showed the most growth as a character. The levity exhibited by Paige and Drew was okay in the beginning but didn't mesh with the story later on. The Drew situation was so unexpected! I guess I was thinking that their luck would run true till the end. So I got misty eyed towards the end, especially the way it played out. Chad and Trish stood out among the other characters and I would like to read more about them.

So was I totally disappointed? No! Was I a little bit let down? Yes! Would I read it again in hindsight? Yes, I would! I regret that it ended so soon though. In spite it of all, it was a quick read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

My one line review : A short and furious Apocalypse page turner!

My rating: 3.5/5

My reread factor: 3.5/5


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