Sunday 26 January 2020

Book Musings - Nova Terra : Titan by Seth Ring

Book : Nova Terra : Titan
Author : Seth Ring
Series : The Titan #1
Genre : Litrpg / fantasy
Read date : Jan 1, 2020 - Jan 2, 2020
Source : Bought on Amazon

My Musings :

Xavier Lee has a medical condition which leaves him living well protected but isolated in real life. The new treatment for his condition has him getting immersed into the new game world - Nova Terra where he gets the freedom he has longed for all his life. 

And let me stop right there, because seriously, I don't want to spoil the story with my synopsis! If you are like me you will definitely be not too enthusiastic after reading the blurb because I actually almost missed out on this series because of the vague summary. Oh I know, it's not that bad but it didn't have much of a pull except that I get to read about Xavier and his life in Nova Terra. That's why, though the cover pulled my eyes every time I saw it, I hesitated to pick it up till a friend of mine, G told me that it has settlement building! YAY for me.. 

So I dived in right away and I was so glad I did. Because I am going to follow this series to the end. The story reads more like a fantasy than a litrpg because of the short stats sheet. I tend to skip them anyway so it wasn't  a big loss for me. The world and playable characters, though similar to the other books, sit well with the plot and had me reading the book without getting bored or feeling like I have been through similar scenes. I really wish it was a longer book because I am so enamoured with Thorn ( Xavier ) right now that I can't wait to read the next book. Hooray for me since it is already available. 

I really enjoyed following Thorn's journey as he gets acclimated to Nova Terra. I especially liked his fresh but innocent outlook at times. Oh yeah, at first look, it seemed that he is way OP but I didn't feel it was overly so. Instead it just seemed that it was a trait invaluable to the plot.  There are a few parallel story lines involved which I feel will keep me immersed in the coming books. 

Oh, one word of warning, I know I said it has settlement building but it doesn't crop up until in the future books. So I had to do with getting to know about the world, the mechanics involved and Thorn in this book, which didn't disappoint me at all!

My one line review : More fantasy than litrpg - Surprisingly enjoyable!

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 4/5



  1. Sci-fi books seem to be trending this month on my timeline and I am really intrigued by your review of this one too. Thanks for joining in the #TBRChallenge2020

  2. I know what you mean when you say giving out the synopsis would entail spoilers. I'm beginning to enjoy science fiction of late, so this one might just be something I enjoy. Looking it up.