Monday 20 January 2020

2020 reading plans

Hey ppl!

I am sooo late in putting up my reading plans for 2020 post. But I wasn't late in joining in though.

I was leaning towards making a list of books and keeping with the schedule for each month. Then I thought that I would read according to whimsy and then make an end of the month post instead which would be easier I think. So I got onto the reading bandwagon early and I have been reading non stop and I am still going strong.

I am taking part in 3 reading challenges this year. I am trying not to overwhelm myself.

First is the Goodreads Challenge which I signed up for again this year and I have set 100 as the limit. My aim is to go beyond it if my work allows it.

Second is the #TBRChallenge2020. I have linked the blog where the full details are available. I have almost finished finalizing the entire list.. There are a few spots still to be filled. I will post the list as soon as everything is figured out.

Last is the Reading with Muffy challenge. I have only started on choosing the books so it might a while before I can post the list. I have linked the blog here too so you can check it out.

With all these, I am looking forward to a very book intensive year.

Keeping my toes crossed

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