Sunday 26 January 2020

Book Musings - Dog with a Bone by Hailey Edwards

Book : Dog with a Bone
Author : Hailey Edwards
Series : Black Dog #1
Genre : Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
Read date : Jan 20, 2020
Source : Bought on Amazon

My Musings :

Thierry is a half breed - half fae and half human. She has just passed the Marshal exam and she gets partnered with her instructor - Shaw who is a sucubus. And they start off with a bang up case on your hands. Read the book to see how that goes! But first continue to read my thoughts on it.

This book has been on my kindle for a while. I gravitate towards its cover each time I see it because it is mysterious and eye catching! But I always hesitated since it is a fae heroine. I tend not to read anything related to fae unless it's too tempting. I picked up this book because I am participating in the #ReadingwithMuffy challenge and the first Jan prompt is for a book with dog in title or as a  protagonist. This seemed the better option among the books I owned and well, I have been meaning to try out the author's books. So I killed 2 birds with 1 stone!

The story is in Thierry's POV and quite short, less than 200 pages. I wish it could have been a bit longer. The pairing is quite different from what I have read so far, a fae and a sucubus which looks like a fun one. The story, as it is, didn't seem too unique to me. They end up partnering after Thierry makes Marshal and they land smack dab in the center of a mystery which leads to the second half of the book. Now that part I liked better because it expands more on the world the author has created and the relation between humans and paranormals. 

I don't want to include a spoiler so let me just say that the monster fight felt like a cliche more than anything else. But I might continue the series because I have the next book and see if it improves and I can't do without getting to know Mable and Mai more! What colourful characters! As for the author's style of writing, it is pretty easy to read and interesting to follow. I am going to see if it forks into a refreshing take and I admit that I am a tiny bit curious about the Fae world! 

If you like fae and sucubi, you might enjoy it!

My one line review : Seems to be not so original with interesting characters.

My rating : 3.5

My reread factor : 2.5


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  1. Never heard of this book before. So, thank you for picking this up for #ReadingWithMuffy Loved your review. Good luck for the challenge.
    Shalini | Muffytales