Sunday, 30 October 2016

Book Musings - Cinderella Had it Easy by Jennifer Conner

Title : Cinderella Had it Easy
Author : Jennifer Conner
Series : The Cinderella Body Club, Book 1
Genre : Contemporary, Romance
Source : Free copy from Netgalley

Blurb :

Story one from the a new romance series of the timeless Cinderella story re imagined where four girlfriends make a wish on a locket. They all wish they were beautiful, and look like the girls they've always wanted to be. The belle of the ball.

Cami works in the basement of a television station which airs history documentaries. With scars on her face that she acquired in a car accident as a child, Cami finds it easier to be by herself. She gets into a heated debate with the handsome new host of the show she’ll be working on. Is Lance the knight in shining armor who can drag Cami out of her safe zone? With no carriage and no helpful mice, she has to rely on the magic from her grandmother’s locket.

Cami only has 24 hours in her Cinderella body, what will she do with it? Will she keep hiding or can she learn how to live life?

My Musings :

I received a free e-book from the Netgalley for an honest review.

I have always loved fairy tale re-tellings and Cinderella remains close to my heart. I can empathize with her situation. So when I got a look at this book, I knew that I had to read it. The book's name drew me in and the blurb hooked me with the intriguing plot-line. 

The book is very short and to the point. But the author has given the necessary details to get invested in the protagonists. Cami is actually a survivor but the world has made me afraid to get attached and Lance is a handsome guy who can see beyond the outer beauty. I loved Lance because of his realistic view and Cami because I can totally relate to her. 

The plot of the heroine getting a magical makeover for a day and the events leading to finding her Prince Charming is both entertaining and heart touching. The dialogue is engaging and we have a very fast read in our hands. I loved the author's writing style and the twist at the end had me smiling in delight and realization. The author sure knows how to deliver an engaging read with a few lessons strewn in.

I am looking for to reading the other friends' stories too!

My rating : 5/5


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