Monday 1 June 2015

New Release / Book Musings - Rememberers by C. Edward Baldwin

Title : Rememberers 
Author : C. Edward Baldwin
Series : Rememberers, Book 1
Genre : Urban Fantasy
Source : An e-ARC from the author for an honest review.

Blurb :

For 19-year-old Kallie Hunt, everyday moments began feeling all too familiar. She had a sense that she'd lived them before. But that was crazy, right? Deja vu. That was kid's stuff, right? Been there, done that, impossible. You got one shot at this life thing. One shot. You lived. You died. End of story.
But if that was true, then why would the government be interested in her? Why would priests literally be stalking her? How could a small town girl possibly have anything to do with saving humanity from terrorists and demons? And pray-tell, what does any of it have to do with her first love?

For Kallie Hunt, there would be no simple answers. Besides, nothing in life is ever really simple. Not good. Not evil. Not even love...
Rememberers, taking urban fantasy to a whole new level.

My Musings : 

Deja vu

The single word which made me take a second look at the book. I read this book solely for the premise of the heroine, Kallie being haunted by familiar events unfolding in her life. And the other questions and mysteries associated with her was secondary.

So was I right to base my expectation on a single word? Read on to know more.

The starting of the book was engaging. The life of Kallie is outlined piece by piece while at the same time, the death of a stranger is being investigated. How Kallie is entwined with the situation and how she impacts it forms the base of the story. The whodunnit was engrossing in the starting chapters but it was revealed too soon about the terrorists and their anti society.

The plot actually has a religious slant to it. It is no where mentioned in the blurb but at the same time, I wasn't put off by it. It flowed and connected well with the tale. There is a religious connotation to each and every event in the book. I didn't find it preachy though. The pace was steady and the characters enacted their roles well. But I did find few things repetitive, which kind of distracted me while reading the book. The scenes flowed well for me to form the big picture.

The concept of time being a circle and not linear is unique. But it also goes with the deja vu theory. The author has spent some time explaining it in the book, which makes sense in an abstract way. After all it is a fantasy book! I did question it being a fantasy tale because it was like no other fantasy genre book. I would not classify it as such. Another thing which didn't go well with the story was the book cover. I think the author could have gotten an image depicting the story better.

Kallie does good as the main protagonist but my favourite was Johnny. He gets a 11 on a scale of 10 for pure evilness. Then there's Father McCarthy and his "slavery" near the end of the book made me so sad and mad! Josh was another favourite of mine. I can never resist a nerd. Seth was the completing part of the puzzle. He was always in a confused state regarding Kallie throughout the book.

Till the ending, which was kind of unexpected, I didn't know we were going to go to the beginning of the story of Mankind. That was one surprise twist which I didn't foresee. I wasn't per se disappointed but I got something different than my expectation and that too in a partly good way.

So would I consider reading the next book? Definitely at least to know what happens to Seth and Kallie. Would I recommend it to others? I would say that if you don't mind religious references and love to read out of the box ideas then this book might appeal to you.

My one line review : If Adam and Eve had a turn against Satan.... 

My rating : 3.5/5

My reread factor : 3/5



  1. The cover looks awesome :) I might want to check this out real soon because the idea and plot line sound very interesting! And Kallie sounds like an impressive protagonist -- so is Johnny :) Lovely review! I love the way you write <3

    Jillian @ Jillian's Book

    1. Thank you, Jillian! Looking forward to your thoughts if and when you finish reading it.

  2. This sounds like an amazing book, I'll have to check it out.
    Also I tagged you in the Liebster Award> :)