Saturday 6 June 2015

Blog Tour / Book Musings - Reckoning by Katheryn J. Avila

Hello, I am the last stop of the Reckoning Blog Tour. I was provided a free copy from the author, through Spread the Word Virtual Book Blog Tours in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you are curious about my view on the book, do read on. I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Title : Reckoning
Author : Katheryn J. Avila
Series : The Breach, Book 1
Genre : Fantasy, Paranormal

Blurb :

After discovering suppressed psychic ability, Lexia struggles to keep her family safe, learning more than she bargained for along the way.

As demons and wraiths break their way through to the human world, she does her best to stay in control - unaware that the supernatural war dates back to before she was born.


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My Musings :

I just saw the older book cover before starting the review and I will say wholeheartedly that the older one doesn't do the book any justice while the new one kind of fits it with the scythe symbol and all but the hair over the face creeps me out.

I like books which start off with a prologue because it just makes more sense with the setting and the characters and this book is no exception. By the end of the prologue, I was excited to know more about Lexia and her story. And then starts a very mysterious and intriguing tale with the involvement of murders and wraiths and demons. Certain parts of the story had me creeped out while few others had me turning the pages quickly to satisfy my curiosity.

The setting wasn't anything special just the normal paranormal stuff with demons and angels etc., But the additional spotlight on the Reapers and their work was fascinating. I think I haven't read anything about Reapers till now.

The book packs a solid punch in terms of the characters and the story. The protagonists, Lexia and Garrett rocked according to me. Lexia is a strong woman bringing up a couple of teenagers while Garrett is a grim Reaper with a soft spot for her family. I think there's a different story behind that! And I think the future books might uncover the mystery. The side characters like Adwin and Saxon perfectly suited the situations with their penchant to get into trouble. I am sure they will be more of a front seat characters in the next book.

The story was neither hurried nor slow. It was written at a steady pace which kept me entertained with the various incidents happening around Lexia. I never knew what was going to happen next! There were a few repetitive phrases which irked me. Lexia's realisation about her family was pretty obvious on the reader's side but kind of abrupt on her side. Other than that, nothing else disappointed me.

The narration was done in two points of view, Lexia's and Saxon's. When I started Saxon's POV, I was surprised because it was so unexpected and abrupt. But I loved reading his thoughts. If it had included Adwin's POV too, I would have been totally satisfied.

The ending made me sad but I am hoping the questions raised at the climax would be answered properly in the sequel. And that there will be more of Lexia and Garrett!!! With that, I will leave you to draw your conclusions from my musings.

My one line review : A refreshing page turner with the emphasis on Reapers.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 4/5


Meet the Author :

Katheryn has always dreamed of being a published author, and recently, that dream has come true! She loves reading, writing, and does what she can to find/make time to write when her day job as a programmer doesn't take up all her time.



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