Friday 19 June 2015

Blogger Meet - Ara from The Booksnake Etc., - What kind of reader are you?

Hey Floryie's reader(s)! I'm so honored to have this opportunity to guest blog here on The Travelogue of A Book Addict. I'm Ara, by the way. Ara the Booksnake (not my middle and last name) of The Booksnake Etc. Hope you can take the time to visit my blog as well. It's not as awesome as this blog right here, but I'm pretty proud of my baby. I think I've done enough promoting now, so onto my post...

Have you ever wondered what kind of reader you are? Did you even know that there are actually different kinds of us in the world? No? Well dude, you have been missing out. I have [compiled] right here, a few categories of our people. (I say our people like we have our own nation or something.)

P. S. Do try to figure out where you fit in after reading all of them. You might be surprised at the number of groups you find yourself relating.

1. Samantha "Snob" Sanchez

They are our mortal enemy. Okay maybe that's stretching it out a bit, but these are the people who cannot understand why we like to read. You tell them you can't go out because you're reading and he/she looks at you all weird and rants about how boring reading is.

Like, "Pfft! You're just jealous because your imagination is non-existent." Am I right? Can I get some hands.


2. Alexa "Audiobook"

I have absolutely nothing against audio books, and I think that they're pretty useful. I just get annoyed though when I suddenly find myself in a conversation with someone who says they love reading books, but then I find out they don't actually read it...they listen to it. I try to jokingly point it out, and they tell me "It's the same thing." Then I'm like...


3. "Hoarder" Houdini

These folks buy books faster than a magician can say "Abracadabra". And they don't -- can't -- settle for just one or two...they need to buy A LOT. If they get one part of a series, they need to buy it all. When you tell them that they already have tons of books they haven't even read yet, they go...


4. "Emotional" Emma

You either know one or you are one. You're the type who gets so attached to a story and its characters that you feel what they feel; happiness, sadness, anger, lust maybe? When you write reviews, you usually base what you write on your feelings about the book. It's okay...I am one too.


5. "Speedy" Gonzales

These are also my people. We read like someone's going to steal our book from us. 700-page book? Yeah, that's not really going to take too long. A fantastic trilogy? We'll start today and let you know how we liked all of them by tomorrow. If speed-reading is a sport in the Olympics, we would be champions. But this comes with a price...we sometimes forget faster than others.


6. "Slow"-rida

Obviously the complete opposite of Speedy Gonzales, the "Slow"-ridas like taking their sweet time in reading their books. They really bathe in the information, and they like going back through lines they've already read. It's also easier for them to remember the details of the story as well as all the significant characters. They're what we would call, relaxed readers. Word of caution though, do not lend them books, especially those that you like to re-read. Why? You probably won't see them again...for at least a year or so.


7. Dr. Spencer Reid or The Sheldon Cooper

If you didn't get that, you have to get out more. They are the know-it-alls. They're like robots pretending to be human just so they can make us feel inferior. They read fast, they completely understand what they read, and they can even quote you lines from the book. They're freaking annoying, but you love them because they're just awesome. It's a strong love-hate relationship.


8. Cristopher Mc"Critic"

He is the Anton Ego to your Auguste Gusteau (from Ratatouille). He is never satisfied, and feels no shame in letting people know that they did not like the book they've read. They don't care about haters, because they hold on to the belief that we are all entitled to our own opinions. But hey! If they really liked a book, they can write the longest and most colorful reviews.


9. Corina "Cover Lover"  

I am 60% a Corina "Cover Lover". I am guilty of judging a book by its cover, and more often than not, I pass up on books I don't like the cover of. But come on, you have to admit that you are one too...even if it's just a small part. Don't you go rolling your eyes at me!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post of mine. I will be making a longer version of this which would be found on The Booksnake Etc. and I hope ya'll would watch out for it.

THANKS SO MUCH FLORYIE for giving me the opportunity to do this wonderful thing. I look forward to more guest blogs between us, and of course, other bloggers as well.

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