Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Book Musings - Chirp by Ann Everett

Title : Chirp
Author : Ann Everett
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Source : Free copy from the author

Blurb :

A woman hiding from her future…..

Heiress to the largest steel company in America, twenty-year-old, socially awkward Blaze Bledsoe hides out at Dessie Bishop’s farm. For the last three years, Blaze has eluded one investigator after another, but just when she thinks she’s safe, a PI closes in. Her luck is about to run out in more ways than one.

A man running from his past….

Rance Keller, a tough, hard-living ex-con, fresh out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit, arrives to claim the house his grandmother left him. Finding a strange girl living there, his plans for a solitary life take a turn. Her lack of modesty, no filter, and word-of-the-day fetish baffles him, but those big green eyes and sweet mouth have him losing sleep.

Welcome to Bluebird, Texas

Where two damaged people with secrets, discover trust can lead to passion.

My Musings :

While reading the book, I had only 2 thoughts - Wicked characters and it's one of those books!

By that, I mean it's the kind of book I can reread anytime and any number of times. It was a bit different from other books of the author. For one, it was a bit longer. That's how I felt when I was reading it. Each scene was detailed and vivid. Another is that it was a bit more graphic on details.

The author has done a great job of pairing an ex con with a mouthy virgin. Oh my! I love the couple! Where do I start? Rance is such a bad boy with a good heart. He comes with a big chip on his shoulder. But then life happened and so I can forgive his attitude. He has a huge heart and that shows clearly from the beginning in his interactions with Blaze. As for Blaze, wow, a totally unfiltered gal who spouts what comes to mind at all times. This makes for a very interesting few situations. There were places where I blurted out a few laughs. And that's what endears this book to me!

The story itself isn't too complicated. It's a bit straight forward but what makes it special are the characters. In addition to Rance and Blaze, I loved meeting Rance's brothers and their loves. Yeah they kind of find their own girls in this book. It all makes for a complementary side story. It adds to the charm of the small town story and sky rockets the romance vibe.

Speaking of romance, the heat was bit higher than compared to the author's other works. That was kind of expected because of Rance. The romance was hard and slow especially on Rance's part. He is so stubborn! Argh! I felt Blaze could have prolonged the ending a bit for Rance. Ha I would have loved to see him groveling a bit more.

I recommend this book to romance readers with a penchant for quirky characters.

I received a copy for reviewing purposes.

My one line review : A set of quirky characters and an adamant romance.

My rating : 5/5

My reread factor : 4/5


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  1. Floryie,
    Thank you for featuring my book on your blog and taking time to review it. The first notion I had for this book was the line that Rance says to
    Blaze when he decides on her nickname. I thought of that line one night right before I went to sleep and from there, the story was born! It means the world to me that you liked the story and the characters.