Sunday 6 March 2016

Twin Worlds Trilogy by Dominic H King

So let me start off the new feature, Tour de Series with the Twin Worlds Trilogy by Dominic H King.
Read on to know what the books are about.

Book 1 - The Chamber

When an unstoppable evil force known only as ‘the Reaper’ seeks to break into Kal’s world, his life becomes intrinsically linked to that of Daine, a ruthless female assassin. Boy and girl must face challenges both together and apart if Kal is to save his father who lies in a chamber far away, and Daine is to discover why she has been called away from everything she has ever known.

Kal must travel further than he has ever been before, alone, except for the sporadic guidance of his father’s best friend, the mysterious Juquor. Relentlessly pursued by the deadly Arrochom, he must show maturity beyond his years to fight prejudice, solitude and the fears that cramp his every waking moment if he is to find a way back to his father.

Daine finds herself in another world, ripped from the comfort of the profession that is all she has ever known, unable even to converse with those around her. Confronted with feelings from a missing adolescence and forced to learn everything she once knew again, she must battle with her gender and revisit painful memories if she is to find purpose and quell the daemons that stalk her dreams.

Book 2 - The Black Gate

The Temple Elders send Kal and Daine through a portal as bait for the Reaper’s army of arrochom, back to the world where they first met. A cold and hostile world on the brink of extinction.

Daine’s world. The Reaper’s world.

Can a plan forged by an old mage before they were born really help them defeat the being who destroyed Daine’s world, or will The Reaper win yet again?

The Black Gate is the second volume of the Twin Worlds trilogy, an epic tale of swords and sorcery, travel and adventure, love and loss, good and evil. But most of all, a tale of adolescence and growing up.

Book 3 - The Reaper

"This is the end; the final reckoning. We are now at the crossroads of all that has gone before. For this world, the sun will rise or it will set. It is you against him; for one of you, there is no tomorrow." - Juquor.

Kal and Daine escaped through the Black Gate in the stone troll city of Urth to find themselves back in Kal's world in an abandoned fort in the middle of the ocean, the Reaper and his deadly arrochom hot on their heels.

Kal meets old friends and foes as he battles his way back from slavery to reach Murucia in a bid to see his father again. Daine is lost, trying to make sense of her life as an assassin, caught between her father and her mother who sit on opposite sides of the war. And all the while, the Reaper is gathering an army to end the war he started a generation before.

Salvation or damnation awaits.

The Reaper is the thrilling conclusion to the Twin Worlds trilogy, an epic tale of swords and sorcery; travel and adventure; love and loss; good and evil. But most of all, a tale of adolescence and growing up.

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  1. This is the first time I've encountered these books by Dominic H. King, but the cover and the synopsis you provided seem really interesting and intriguing :) I might consider checking this out real soon if I have the time? HAHA <3

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. I hope you do! And you can always win a copy by joining the giveaway!