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Blog Tour / Book Musings - Leaving Barringer by Tina Martin

Romantic Suspense
Date Published: January 4, 2016

Blurb : 

Calista Blackstone has no problem playing her position as the supportive, dutiful wife of Barringer Blackstone. All she wants is a family, but after five years, she's given up hope of actually becoming a mother - at least to Barringer's children.

Barringer (Barry) Blackstone is too busy making money to make babies. CEO of Blackstone Financial Services Group, he's actively working on taking his father's company to the next level and avoids the subject of children. He's no longer certain that he wants the added stress of trying to raise a family while growing the business. But the workaholic will learn the hard way that money should never precede family.

My Musings : 

 I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my thoughts on the book.

When I started the book, I felt as if I walked into the middle of a scene. But then it smoothed out into an explanation of sorts which made me understand the plot and the characters a tiny bit. The book has a colourful range of characters among the supporting cast. I loved reading about each individual and getting to know them.

 Now coming to the main characters, I liked Cal's determination to try to sort out her life and move on later on. My initial impression was that she didn't have any backbone because of her easy manipulation by Barry in the first few pages. I did learn later on that it was her love for Barry instead of no backbone which was the cause of it. What can I say about Barry? I had sympathy for him for a while before I found out about his secret. That kind of made me not like him till the end. 

The author has done a good way of making the characters realistic enough to make me invested in their lives. She has also dealt with a sensitive issue in terms of Barry and this has also added a more complex turn to a romance novel. All in all, I liked her writing and inspite of it being a bit heavy at times, it was a easy read. She has also written about a family's dynamics which added another layer of realism and complexity to the tale.

The only thing which I found unbelievable was the way Barry suddenly found his insight into Cal's views and thoughts. I for one loved reading this romance and I can't recommend it enough to others. And this is another author I wouldn't hesitate to check out in the future.

My rating : 4.5/5

About the Author : 

Tina Martin is the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author of over thirty women's fiction and romantic suspense novels and novellas. Her books include, The Accidental Series, The Alexander Series, The Dying To Love Her Series, The Champion Brothers Series, The Blackstone Family Series, The Mine By Default Mini-Series, Secrets On Lake Drive, Can't Just Be His Friend, All Falls Down, Just Like New to the Next Man, Might As Well Be Single, Falling Again, The Crush and Vacation Interrupted.

She released her newest novel, Leaving Barringer, on January 4, 2016 and a novella, Who Do You Love?, on December 12, 2015. She is currently working on Book 4 of The Champion Brothers Series titled, Wives and Champions.

When she’s not writing, Tina enjoys reading, traveling, blogging and spending time with her family. Visit her online at where you will find a full listing of her novels, upcoming works and contact information.

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