Sunday, 3 May 2015

My blog and I - Blog news

First off, it's a wonderful start to a new month, May blogwise. Personally, at work, it's been a dismal beginning :(

I have scheduled book reviews all through the month, almost one after the other. And almost all are fantasy reads. I guess I need to diversify my blog. So in view of that, I am trying to get more involved in the book blogging community. I have planned monthly guest posts by bloggers whose blogs I read on a regular basis. The first one will be posted this month during the third week by Melissa of Around the World in Books . I am looking forward to her post along with you!

And speaking of the beta reading I spoke of during my last update, well, I just finished at the end of April and it was so much fun! I think the author was happy with my work. I hope to get more chances at beta reading soon, in June maybe?

Did I say? I won few giveaways! It's very rare for me to win anything. I am kind of the unluckiest person when it comes to giveaways or any lucky winners stuff.

First one was Dora Hiers' When Hope Rises at her blog. Second was From the Ashes by Shelby K Morrison from Courtney Reads blog and finally a Goodreads First Reads giveaway of Secrets of Zynpagua : Return of the Princess by Ilika Ranjan!

I am pinching myself to know if it's true or not! lol

I am sure the good times wouldn't last * touches wood * No jinxing myself.

Hope to see you guys with more news soon


  1. Welcome to May and here's to doing some great book reviews! Thanks for joining the Write Game gang. I'm a new follower here.

    1. Thank you for following me! See you around :)

  2. I'm sorry work hasn't been going so well, Floryie. Hopefully, that'll improve soon, just like your "winning" streak. :)

    1. *knocks on wood* no jinxing. lol