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Book Musings - Uriel by Angie Anomalous

Title : Uriel
Author : Angie Anomalous
Series : The Hallowed Chronicles
Genre : Fantasy, Young Adult
Source : Free copy from the author

Blurb :
“The Archangels were completed and taken in, given powers not like ours. You are the only ones who can stop the End of Days. You must; all our worlds depend on you.”

After waking underground, sixteen-year-old Uriel struggles to remember her past and where she came from. Taken in by a woman named Nikita, she is introduced to a world of angels and demons; a world balanced by the light of God and the dark of Lucifer. As questions surface, secrets are revealed and Uriel is faced with the inevitable truth; she, along with seven others, is an Archangel made by the hand of Man. Separated from the others, Uriel is thrown into the thick of the human world. Expected to blend in, she keeps her wings hidden and waits to be reunited with her kin.

The world is only beginning its end when she meets seventeen-year-old Jophiel, and she immediately notices a strong connection with him. Together, they find that time is running out, and the other archangels have yet to come forth. The longer she is awake, the more the world begins to crumble as darkness threatens to overpower the light. As her past comes flooding back, she finds that Jophiel’s existence is more than just a coincidence; it’s fate. Together, they are faced with corrupted truths and an even bigger problem than just the End of Days. As the human race’s existence is threatened, Uriel finds herself fighting the realization that without her kin, every world is at risk, and she could lose much more than just herself.

My Musings : 

I would like to start with thanking the author,Angie Anomalous for a copy of the e-book for a chance to review it. That said, I would like to inform that receiving a review copy will not affect my review. I will give my opinions and thoughts on the book without any bias.

First thing which drew me to the book was the cover which prompted me to get a copy. I know I was shallow! But I couldn't do anything against the lure of the book cover. The girl on the cover is exactly how I imagined Uriel to be. The colours used in the image creates a mysterious and a light cover which fits the book to a T. The second thing to grab my attention was the blurb. It reveals only so much to whet our curiosity. The premise of archangels hidden among the human beings is an interesting concept and the author does credit to the chosen theme.

I had to read the first couple of pages twice to get me going because of the abstract imagery used. But once started it was easy to get into. The way Uriel described the modern society was perfect! I was chuckling during those parts. The flashbacks in the story weren't jarring and it worked seamlessly with the story montage, though it happened at inconvenient times in a few instances which had me growling. The plot wasn't anything new except for the archangels part. It was the same old fight between the Good and the Bad. But the way it was executed and the new type of demons and dragons introduced made the plot refreshing. The references to the Bible and God surprised me though I guess I should have expected it. But it wasn't off putting to me.  The story advanced at a pretty good pace. It kept me reading since I was invested in the happenings in the world near the End of Days and also there were a few surprises to keep me awaiting the next scene. I was on the lookout for more adrenaline pumping action which the book did deliver in small quantities spaced evenly throughout the book.

I love and hate the characters in the book. Uriel, as the lead protagonist was confusing. The only thing which registered about her was that she was a bundle of emotions. She was either confused or angry or sad. I found her better in the fight scenes and in her determination to save people. She was too human to be an archangel but then that's her speciality I guess. I liked Jophiel very much but hated his exit. The character which intrigued me was Raphael so I am looking forward to his book. Nikita was either saying or doing things sternly and in a few scenes I found her over reacting. Gazardiel is still a mystery to be solved and I am looking forward to reading more about him in the other books. In short, the heavenly entities were too human for my taste but at the same time their humanness engaged me. Now you can understand my dilemma!

I would like to conclude saying that I will read more of the series and am looking forward to getting know more archangels and their courage against the Darkness. If you guys like YA fantasy with messages from the Bible then this should definitely be on your To-Be-Read shelf.

My one line review : A good fight between Light and Darkness with a surprise twist or two!

My rating : 4/5 

My reread factor : 4/5


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