Thursday, 14 May 2015

Book Musings / Read4Review - Summon by Meredith Mawr

I received a free e-book from the author via Read 4 Review program of the Goodreads group, Never Too Old for Y.A & N.A Books

Title : Summon
Author : Meredith Mawr
Series : The Summoner Series, Book 1
Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy

Blurb : 

Killewycke Academy holds a dark, dangerous secret—especially for smart, small-town Electra Vance, away from home for the first time. In the Young Adult paranormal romance, Summon, first of The Summoner Series, mystery and love collide when Elle, starting her Senior year at Killewycke, meets beautiful but secretive Sam, who seems inexplicably drawn to her. As their relationship deepens, Elle is haunted by dark nightmares—often involving Sam and one of Killewycke’s more menacing instructors, Marcello Solis. Despite managing school’s tremendous workload, Elle’s safe, rational world begins to crumble when she and Sam discover that an antique box, belonging to her dead father, might be key to a strange ability she’d never known he had. Threatening faculty behavior escalates, as does Sam’s protective devotion, and Elle can’t help wondering if there really are secrets in her family’s past—secrets that would change her life, and her world, forever. And, when her dark dreams begin to come true, Sam fights Killewycke’s secrets—as well as his own—Fate, and Elle’s own stubborn rationality to convince her of her mysterious, inherited power before it’s too late.

Join Elle in Summon as she learns more about love, Sam, her world, her family—even about herself, than only her wildest dreams dared foretell.
My Musings : 

This is one hard book to review for me. The reason is that the plot would garner a 4 rating from me but the way it's been written (explained later in the review) gets a 3 star rating.

I will divide my views into my likes and dislikes. I couldn't review it the way I usually do. So I have gone with a list type book review.

Likes :

1. The plot was unique. Only the bare bones of the theme has been introduced in this book. This creates an air of mystery about the story itself.

2. The description was pretty good. It was easy to imagine the goings on at the academy.

3. The cast of characters were not spectacular but okay. The female protagonist, Elle is a normal teenager with her likeable snarkiness and her gushing crush on Sam and the male one, Sam is an unknown quarter. I have my doubts about his humanity. The side characters were more of a filler than an integral part of the tale.

4. The ending was the only part which kept my attention and my heart pumping with adrenaline.

Dislikes :

1. The slow pace of the story tested my patience. There had been a few times that I was tempted to stop reading but the curiosity kept me going.

2. The way Sam was described was a definite turn off. He might be handsome and wonderful but it needn't be informed every time Sam enters the scene. The way Elle gushed over him was also a sour point.

3. Few phrases and words were repetitive and this impacted the story flow.

4. The book cover didn't fit the plot of the book.

So in conclusion, I will say that I might read the next book for the sole purpose of learning more about summoners, guardians and venetors. This could have been a better read in my opinion.

My rating : 3/5

My reread factor : 2/5



  1. I'm not a big fan of slow pace, so I probably won't read this book. Either way, great review!
    I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Rules are on my blog:

  2. This book sounded so interesting, and I'm really put off by the idea that it's slow paced! I can't really stand it when this happens. Anyway, great review :)

    Aeriko @