Tuesday 19 February 2019

Book Musings - The Earl's Inconvenient Wife by Julia Justiss

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Source : ARC from the author
Date read : February 17, 2019
Rating : 4.5/5
Reread factor : 4/5

Blurb :

The obvious solution:
A marriage of convenience!

Part of Sisters of Scandal: Temperance Lattimar is too scandalous for a Season, until finally she’s sponsored by Lady Sayleford. The whole charade feels wrong when she doesn’t want a husband, but Temper feels awful when MP and aristocrat Gifford Newell is appointed to “protect” her at society events. With her past, she knows she’s not an ideal wife…but then a marriage of convenience to Giff becomes the only option!

Sisters of Scandal miniseries

Book 1 — A Most Unsuitable Match

Book 2 — The Earl’s Inconvenient Bride

“A Most Unsuitable Match is a marvellous read” —All About Romance on A Most Unsuitable Match

“Julia Justiss writes another winner!” —Goodreads on A Most Unsuitable Match

My Musings :

When I got a chance to get my hands on it, I literally jumped. A new regency romance with a friends-to-lovers theme and I don't want to read it? No way! Regency is one of my favourite time periods. I love the elegance and the high society of those times though there are parts which make me sad and mad.

The author has done justice to the setting and period aspects of the story. I really enjoyed reading about the fun parts - the parties and the rumour mill and the set downs etc., as much as the serious parts - women being treated as objects and not having power in their own lives. Yes, it was a tough time and the glitz kept me entertained to breeze through the pages.

And add to that the story is easy to read with good language and easy to imagine scenes, it's a no-brainer wonderful read. The theme of love blossoming between long time friends is always close to my heart and this one is no exception. I literally felt the sparks between Temper and Gifford. I don't really know how her family missed it. That's the reason I loved Lady Sayleford. What an astute lady! That's how I imagine a regency heroine to be! The romance was fast and I really felt like smacking those two to getting to the resolution part so late! They kept me on tenterhooks with their love realisation. 

But, the anticipation is what kept me going till the end. And what an end! A very nicely packed finale with a very happy couple. This doesn't mean that there weren't any wicked plotting involved by the so called ladies. There is and it was what brought about the protagonists' happy life! Oh yes, a clear case of All's well that ends well! 

Only thing which wasn't perfect was the plot twister regarding Temper the author had written into the book. It was hinted at so heavily and so many times that it wasn't a surprise at all when it was revealed. That could have been done better. Though this is the second book, I didn't feel that I had to read the first one to enjoy it. It really read well as a standalone and I loved the feel of the cover. It perfectly sums up the story.

All in all, a clearly charming read with good characters and a medium paced plot with enough fun to have made me read it in one go!

Thanks to the author for an ARC which doesn't impact my review in any way.

My one line review : A charming friends-to-lovers Regency romance!


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