Wednesday 27 September 2017

Blog Tour / Book Musings - Across the Darkling Sea by K Ferrin

Across the Darkling Sea
K. Ferrin
Publication date: November 12th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Across the Darkling Sea is the first book in the new serial fantasy series Magicfall, by K. Ferrin!
Magic is forbidden in Brielle, but that never stopped Evelyn. Until Now. Because Evelyn has discovered she is magic, and now she is running for her life.
Her only hope is on an island cloaked in shadow, an island of dark magic and even darker beasts. An island warlocks call home.
Evelyn’s friends have turned against her, her own mother tried to kill her, and the place she calls home has banished her. Hidden away in the belly of a riverboat, a stowaway, her journey begins.

Across the Darkling Sea is book one in a serial series. Each book is roughly 50,000 words or about 150 pages. To emphasize, this is a serial series, meaning it’s one story that stretches across multiple books.

My Musings :

This time, both the cover and the blurb had my attention. I was eager to try out the author and I think that's why I glossed over the part where it is given that it's a serial series. After finishing the book when I was moaning the fact that it was too short, I realised my mistake. Would this have changed my decision to read this book? Heck no!

Let me start with saying what I loved about the book. The plot is adventurous while the pacing varies. It ebbs and flows like the water. The starting was a bit slow but intriguing enough with Brielle and her situation. After she started her voyage the pace picked up and then slowed down a tiny bit at the end. But I didn't have much trouble being invested in the tale.

The world created by the author is completely different and special. I loved the vivid description of the races and the cultures of the world. The language is rich and easy to understand. The characters are various and important to the story in their roles. Brielle/Ling is strong in her role. She bends with the winds of her fate. I think she has to her than what has been revealed in the book. At the same time it is easy to place myself in her place. She is someone who I can relate to easily!

Coming to the things I didn't care for, first the description was kind of repetitive at times and some words were similar so I was confused at times. Though there are characters enough to enrich the world and the tale, they weren't in the spotlight much. Hence I felt cheated in not getting to know them. I hope this changes in the sequel.

Closing on that note, I want to say that the book is engrossing in its own right and I can't wait to read the sequels. I want to how it all plays out!

I received a copy for reviewing purposes. This doesn't impact my review in any way.

My one line review : A refreshingly unique fantasy tale.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 3.5/5

Author Bio:
K. Ferrin spends her days surrounded by engineers, technology, and humming machinery, but her evenings are steeped in magic, myth, and adventure. She writes fantasy, loves gardening, and eats way too much pie. She lives at the foot of the Colorado Rockies with her husband and two pooches.
Her novels include the stand alone YA fantasy novel Magicless, as well as Across the Darkling Sea, and A Dying Land, the first two books of a series. You can find her online at



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  1. Great review, Floryie! This sounds like a wonderful read! :)