Sunday 28 February 2016

Book Musings - Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews

Title : Silent Blade
Author : Ilona Andrews
Series : Kinsmen Series, Book 1
Genre : Urban Fantasy, Romance
Source : Purchased

Blurb :

Old hatreds die hard. Old love dies harder.

On Meli Galdes' home planet, the struggle for power is a bloody, full-contact sport--in business and on the battlefield. For years her lethal skills have been a valuable asset in advancing her family's interests. She's more than earned her right to retire, but her kinsmen have one last favor to ask.

Kill the man who ruined her life.

Celino Carvanna's razor-sharp business acumen--and skills with a blade--won him the freedom to do as he pleases. There's only one thing he can't seem to control--his reaction to the mysterious woman who tantalizes his senses. Her eyes alone set his blood simmering, stirring ridiculous adolescent fantasies about breasts and honey. With a few words she dissects his soul. Who is she? And how does she slide so easily under his well-guarded skin?

It's almost too easy to draw Celino within the kill zone. Meli plans to revel in him. Drink him in. Wring every drop of pleasure out of every moment.

And when she's sure he belongs to her, she will finally repay a decade's worth of pain--in a single, brutal dose of reality.

My Musings : 

The author is no one new to me. I am a big fan of her Kate Daniels series and I had been hesitating for a while about picking up her other series to read. I am both happy and disappointed after finishing Silent Blade.

I am a sucker for a cover with a girl wielding a sword and in that way, the book totally had my attention from the start. The blurb also piqued my attention since it promised a good tale of revenge. First let me tell you what I liked about the book. The author has delivered a wonderful world similar to her other series. This world too was unique and the protagonists were memorable though their acquaintance was too short. The interactions and the dialogue between them were reminiscent of the author's usual writing style, witty and quirky. They have never failed to entertain me and this tale was no different. I was lost in the scenes and the story was easy to digest. It wasn't so complicated to process and it was a fun few hours of easy reading. Meli was a strong heroine and Celino was an alpha through and through. Their characteristics also made their sparring quite entertaining.

Usually the author's writing makes me reread the book quite often and they always tend to be a 5 star book. But this time I was a bit disappointed. For one, the book was too short, so short that only the protagonists made the story and there was literally no supporting cast. There were only shadows of other characters and the world building while what I glimpsed was interesting was sorely lacking. I wasn't able to get a clear idea about it. Coming to the protagonists, though they had my attention, didn't deliver as promised in the blurb. I was expecting more hand on action and fight scenes from Meli while Celino mellowed out rather abruptly at the end. All in all, though a good short read, there was something missing from it. Of course, this doesn't stop me from wanting to read the sequel. I hope there's a next book soon since it is a series.

My rating : 3/5

My reread factor : 3.5/5

My one line review :  A short fun easy read with witty repartee.


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