Tuesday 10 July 2012

Book Musings - Wicked Games by Jill Myles

Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show, Endurance Island. She's just not the survival type. But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime, she packs her bags and heads to the tropics to be a contestant. Once in the game, though, it's clear that Abby's in over her head.
No one's more competitive than sexy, delicious and arrogant Dean Woodall. Sure, he's clever, strong, good at challenges, and has a body that makes her mouth water. He also hates Abby just as much as she hates him. That's fine with her; she'll just ignore the jerk.
But the rules of Endurance Island are working against them. Abby and Dean are teamed up & alone on the beach. It's either work together, or go home. Stuck with no one's company but their own, they learn they might just make a good team after all. And Abby learns that with just a little bit of kindling, the flames of hate can quickly turn to flames of passion.
This book features enemies, lovers, enemies who become lovers, and lots and lots of tropical heat.

My Musings on the book:

I came across Jill Myles' website a while back when searching for new authors and I promptly subscribed to her newsletter and got a pleasant surprise. She gave a coupon code to redeem Wicked Games and I downloaded it from Smashwords. The blurb intrigued me but the cover was sort of off putting because I deduced it was gonna be full of only sex and not story. Boy was I wrong.

 I loved it.. It was a light fun read. The only regret is that I don't have the newer cover which can be seen at Smashwords. I prefer the new cover to the old one. Other than that it was a good book to spend some time after work. I read it in one sitting, straight through and I was engrossed enough in it that that I didn't notice the time till I came to the last page.

I liked Abby and that she was the normal kinda girl, not too athletic  or the ones who can do everything. I hate the too perfect characters. I liked the way her relationship started off with Dean. The tension between them was palpable and I could literally feel the sparks between them. Abby was pretty constant throughout the book though I would have liked her not to have readily believed what others was telling her.

 Dean made me laugh, sigh, frown and bang my head in turns. He was fun, intense and frustrating, all at the same time. I am one who loves reading a book from the male and female leads' point of view. So I especially loved the snippets of Dean's thoughts at the start of  each chapter. He showed the most growth in the story from the part of a man who wins at all costs to a lover who will do anything for his lady.

What surprised me most is the part of Lana, her duplicity and her ruthlessness. Maybe I was naive in understanding her but I seriously didn't see it coming. I went "Aww" near the end when Abby is outed and left on the sidelines. But I loved the finish, the way Dean makes up for everything.

The language is a tad mature so young ones you are so not allowed to read it. Otherwise, the book's good for getting lost in their love story.

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