Sunday 27 November 2011

My love affair with books

I remember being 6-7 years old and tagging along with my brother to a shop near my house. I also remember thinking what's so special with a place full of books. I was so upset because my brother didn't want to play with me anymore and that he spent more time going through those books * my mortal enemies*.

One day I was really curious and opened a book and what did I find there.. not even one picture!.. So I complained to my brother that his books did not even have any photos to be interesting.. He shrugged it off and my next  attempt to annoy him was reading aloud from the books... and I didn't even know how to pronounce so many NEW But this got a response from my older sibling. He then taught me to read in my mind and not to yell everything.. *shakes my head*..

Thinking of those days make me laugh.. I am way better with my language now.. Slowly I understood that there were so many worlds to get lost in.. that too in the days of comic books reading.. Even then  I was restricted to only picture books :D..

After 2+ more years, my brother left for college and I lost my playmate. I was then 10 years old and we shifted to a nearby street but with very few families around. There my neighbor was a teacher and her daughter had a room full of books. I remember gawking like a simpleton at those treasures.

I was a wee girl then starting off my lifetime love affair with books .. from Nancy Drew to Hardy Boys ( I remember seeing my brother read Hardy boys at my previous to Mills and Boon to Harlequin.. Now to all kinds of genres :D..

I am Floryie and this is my story!

Welcome to my book journey, as I talk about what I am reading  and my past reads to authors old and new and get to know my best friends...

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