Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May 2018 - Reading Pile


I know I don't usually write blog posts which interact with the readers or explain the books I read. My blog is the place I usually just post reviews on books and take part in blog tours with various organisers with blitzes and promo posts and etc.,

This month, there is a change coming to The Book Drealms. I felt that it was time I was a bit more social on my blog. So here I am talking with you guys about my TBR for May.

I have signed up for a few tours and blitzes as usual. But I have cut them down a bit this time. This month is for more musings and the way I review or muse about the books is also going to change a tiny bit. When I read some of my older reviews and compared it with my newer ones I wasn't happy. And if I wasn't happy, then it was time for a change. So I am first recording my thoughts on the books first and then writing my musings. I hope to infuse a bit more energy and life into my reviews.

I am reviewing for the following blog tours..

 The Dating Experiment

I have been following this series closely. I have read the other 2 books so far ( You can read my reviews here -The Upside to Being Single and  The Hook-Up Experiment )  and I love Emma Hart's writing style. I have been getting bored with romance recently. I hope she will get me back into the genre. *keeping toes crossed*

 Fault Lines

This is a new author for me. So I am anxious to try his writing. And the main point which made me look twice at it was the cover. Yep, the cover - simple and intriguing and being a thriller it's a forgone conclusion that I would read it. I am on a thriller reading spree so far this year!

And all others are either spotlights and interviews and guest posts. So I will be sharing them separately.

And now come the books I am picking from my friends, TBR , Kindle and other bloggers etc., I am picking in total 13 - 10 must reads and 3 to read if I finish the 10 earlier. 

First and foremost.. I was supposed to read and review it last month. It was a review request through my FB page.  But I was ill for a while and it took me those days to appreciate even the simple task of reading. I was in so much pain that I wasn't even able to read to take my mind off it. But it's all better now and I am cracking to go at the books agian... *Here I come*

 The earth bleeds red

Yeah, another thriller. I actually couldn't resist this one as soon as I read the blurb. So I am hankering to get it finished! I will be starting my month with this book. Wish me luck!!

These are the books I bought on Amazon for my kindle reader. Time to finish at least a handful of the 9000+ books on it.

 Cassie Scot

I came across this one .. I don't remember where.. But the cover caught my attention. Don't you love that cover with the gorgeous colour scheme? And it's a paranormal mystery I believe so I am going to give this new author a try too.

 Hollywood Deal

So to spice up my read, I am going with a romance too - Hopefully I am over my slump. This one because I can't resist a Boss - Assistant romance when it's not too erotic. I hope it's not too sensual. I checked on Goodreads, it was not tagged so.

 Girl Fights Back

I have been peeking at it for a while. I love an adventure so I am pretty eager to read this one. I actually came across this one on Amazon. No recommendation at all! 

 Flaw in Magic

I got it just because it was a fantasy read and I liked the cover. *shrugs*.. what can I say? I am like that! Impulsive.. 

 Rise of Aredor

I bought it based on the blurb. Another fantasy with a freedom fight. *rubs her hands in glee*

These are the books I have picked from my Netgally shelf - they have been pending for a while now. So trying to clear the TBR over there.

The Last thing she ever did

Another thriller - oh yeah I am a roll here! I saw this on Netgalley first and I so wanted to read it. You get me right? Psychological and thriller are two words I can never ever resist! 

 Anne of Green Gables

And for the first time I am going to read a graphic novel and review it. I am so excited!! I picked Anne because as a teen, I loved her story and now I just want to see her in a graphic novel.

And this is from my Edelweiss shelf - I have a few pending there too. I don't use this one as much as Netgalley though.

 What remains of her

I was so happy that I was granted the ARC when I requested it. It's not often that I get picked for ARCs. So this had me going Wooohooooo.. - Another thriller!

And these are the ones I have borrowed on Kindle Unlimited for this month!

 Dodge tank

This caught my eye when I was looking for new LitRPG reads. I confess this isn't my first book in that particular genre but this will be my first review though. I intend to rectify this mistake with my reread section next month. 


The cover with the varied characters is what prompted me to take a look at the blurb. Soooo another LitRPG to read with the thrillers so as to not get bored! I am kind of moody with my reads. 

And that's all folks! That's my TBR for May and I am hoping I get to finish them all in time and maybe add a couple of books to it too! Almost all are new authors for me so I am pretty excited. And I think I have got a good mix of genres to keep my attention.

Do please share your recommendations and thoughts on the books I have picked. 



  1. This is an interesting collection - can't wait to see how it goes

    1. Yep I am itching to finish these and I am pretty excited about them.

  2. I like the selection that you will be reading. I look forward to the reviews.

  3. That is a lot of books. Some going.

    1. I am trying to figure out if I can finish so many and if possible earlier too!

  4. Can't wait for your review of the paranormal detective!

    1. Oh yes! I am looking forward to that particular one. It looks very interesting.. I especially love the cover - very attractive..

  5. I love Emma Hart. I can't wait for your review on the Dating Experiment!

    1. I am waiting for the ARC.. haven't received it yet but am on for the blog tour..

  6. That looks like a good list. I always try to put together a monthly list but then I see a book and I'm like "oh I got to read that one."

  7. So many books o.0

    I love that you've linked the pictures to goodreads, I could easily add them to my shelf without the hassle of searching them up! Thanks so much! Btw, love fantasy, too��

  8. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these picks.

  9. Fault Lines looks intriguing! I hope you enjoy your reads this month!