Saturday 24 March 2018

Blog Tour / Book Musings - Halloween Nightmare by Rena Marin and Skylar McKinzie

Halloween Nightmare
Dead Oaks Terrors Book 1
by Rena Marin & Skylar McKinzie
Genre:Thriller, Suspense 

Welcome to Dead Oaks.

The New Home of Fear!

Something strange is happening in the sleepy, little, town of Dead Oaks, N.C. Tales of disappearances, strange deaths, murder, and mayhem have been passed down through the town’s history and are now used as scary tales to keep local children behind locked doors at night. Still, it all continues. Whatever sinister force that has its claws into Dead Oaks is still there, and it wants nothing more than to claim the town as its own. 

Six Years Ago

Hikers, campers, and even locals had been disappearing around Dead Oaks Lake. Some claimed the ghost of a local man who went missing years before was the reason. During a neighborly camping get together, Tiffany Sellers vanished in the middle of the night. Mia Evans was the only witness. What she saw that night sent her family far from Dead Oaks in hopes of escaping the evil surrounding the town. 

Present Day

Mia, and her twin sister Tia have come back to their family’s cabin by the lake. Their hopes? To finally put the past behind them and reconnect with old friends for a Halloween bash to remember. As an unexpected snow storm strands the twins and their friends, they find themselves fighting to survive not only the storm but whatever is haunting the lake. Soon they realize, in Dead Oaks, sometimes the past should just stay buried.

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The starting was on the point with a good amount of mystery and thrill. And then the way it proceeds had me intrigued. 

When Mia and Tia go back for a bash, I nearly banged my head against the wall. It was such a cliche! The action started from there and I had a good time reading with bated breath and wide eyes. It was such a short read but it was a read worth the time. I went through lots of emotions in that short time.

From the get go, I was left guessing who was behind the disappearances and murders. Sometimes, it felt like a horror and other times like a thriller. But overall, it covered all the points to make a mysterious story. I loved the paranormal ghostly twist to it and I wasn't totally expecting the identity of the culprit. I felt that the authors could have given more clues in trying to figure it out. 

All in all, it was a good gory read with all the slasher action. It had me going "Ooooo" and "Ohhhh" and "Ouch" and "Nooooooo" in turns. It had me gasping and groaning with the characters' actions. I enjoyed it and I am sure that if you want a short thrilling tale, this one is for you!

I received a copy for reviewing purposes. This doesn't have any effect on my review.

My one line review : A story with enough thrill and surprise for a good read.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 3.5/5

Rena Marin is a fantasy/paranormal/horror author as well as reviewer. In 2017, she and her co-author S.C. Storm introduced the world to The Tempest Isle Series, with "The Guardians," which was published by Zombie Cupcake Press. At the end of 2017, she and her co-author also penned the short, "My Sister's Keeper," which was featured in the Zombie Cupcake Press Anthology, Madame Scarlet's Carnival. 

A writer of fantasy/paranormal/horror, Rena finds herself a lover of the written word and hoping to branch out to multiple genres.

Rena is happily married to her soul mate, Daniel. The two of them reside in the beautiful mountain town of Newport, Tn. with their two children Cody and Amber.

Skylar McKinzie lives in the small town of Screven, Ga. When she’s not writing, she’s cooking, baking, reading, and spending time with her family. She also loves long walks and sitting by the bonfire in October, which is her favorite month of the year.

She writes horror and paranormal romance. She is working on her next novel due to be released by the end of the year.

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