Friday 20 October 2017

Blog Tour / Book Musings - Hunter's Moon by Tess Grant


Hunter's Moon
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: January 17th 2017
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Summary from Goodreads:

Kitty Irish has heard all the rumors swirling around Daniel Phinney. Most of them involve a gun, a flask, and a temper. One chance encounter with the WWII veteran over a grisly find in the woods pulls the cover off the dark secrets of their small town, and Kitty is drawn into an unlikely partnership.

Armed with an antique rifle and a handful of homemade silver bullets, the two form an efficient team. Unfortunately, their game is werewolf hunting, and disaster is only a bite away.

I received a free copy for reviewing purposes. This doesn't affect my review in any way.

The premise of the book was all what started me on reading it. It felt unique and interesting enough to catch my attention. Now that I have finished reading, will I continue the series? Definitely yes! and I already bought the second book so I can read uninterrupted!

The plot line, the familial aspects and the characters all make for  a good couple hours of solid reading. I loved that the story took a look at families and friendships inspite of being a paranormal. But I felt that in the starting, it was a bit mundane and had a very deep look into Kitty's life. I felt that they could have jump started the story a bit more.Otherwise I loved delving into Kitty's life.

Looking the characters, Kitty is a pretty strong and independent type.I love her for it! Inspite of being dealt a short hand, she overcomes to show her genuine spirit. As for Jenna, even thinking of her makes my face scrunch. Enough said! On the contrary,Joe was the perfect example of a good friend and I really hope there is something between Joe and Kitty in the future (pretty please, author?) Phinny, on the other hand, was an unpredictable character. I loved the suspense and mystery around him. It kept the story flowing.

The plot was meticulously detailed out in a way to not overwhelm us and at the same time, keep the mystery aspect intact. The only thing I felt lacking was the detail of the fights. Now that would have made this story perfect! The pacing is super fast inspite of the slow start. And the ending had me surprised and going "uhoh". I really grieved along with Kitty at the end.

Now I am all for the sequel. Good thing I already have it! "Book! Book! Here I come!"

My one line review : A mystery paranormal with a spunky heroine.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 4/5

About the Author

After nearly ten years as a forensic anthropologist, Tess Grant semi-retired to a farmette in the backwoods of Michigan. She lives at the edge of the Manistee National Forest with her husband, children, and a number of strange critters, none of whom are werewolves.

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