Tuesday 1 August 2017

Book Musings - It Happened One Bachelor by Caitlyn Blue

Title : It Happened One Bachelor
Author : Caitlyn Blue
Series : Windy City Bachelors Book 3
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Source : ARC from the author 

Blurb :

Sometimes you can’t help falling in love with the wrong person.

Successful art director, Brynn Callahan has had it in for adventure vlogger, Paxton Mercer since he introduced her fiance to the love of his life and caused her engagement to end. But when their group of friends heads to the tropics for a fun getaway, an unexpected kiss to end all kisses convinces her what she needs is a little adventure with a man who knows how to have fun.

But a vacation fling isn’t enough to build a relationship on and Brynn is a girl who has her future all planned. Once they’re home it’s going to take more than flirty banter or through the roof electricity for Brynn to take a chance on someone who goes wherever the wind blows him.

Can a guy who lives on the edge convince a woman who loves to play it safe to risk her heart with him?


Book Musings :

When I read the previous book, though I liked the friends crew, Brynn didn't make me fall for her. She was so rigid and not so fun. Until this book, I didn't realise how much she was hiding under her hard facade. I loved seeing beneath her acting and get to know her more!

The characters are pretty well developed. As I said earlier, Brynn undergoes a transformation during the tale. She is so tenacious and snarky at times. I loved her interactions with Paxton. Of course their previous history impacts their meetings. But it was fun watching them dance around each other. It was so obvious from the beginning they were made for each other. Paxton is my absolute favourite right now! He is so sexy and easy to love. His patience with Brynn while she vacillates to open up for him or not won my heart. The secondary characters,some new and some old, all added to the magic of the book. I loved seeing the after-romance lives of Brynn's roommates. I am hoping two of the new characters will eventually have their own ever-after. Nope! I don't want to reveal their names. If you guys have read it,you know who. If you haven't, then it's time you did!!

This book is through and through Brynn's and Paxton's. There are no other persons shining through. The pace of the story suited the tale. The romance was good with sweet feelings and hot moments in turn. This was a perfect addition to the series. I am looking forward to the sequels, if there are more!

I received an ARC from the author for reviewing purposes. I am voluntarily reviewing the book and all the thoughts are my own.

My one line read : A enticingly fun romance with characters I came to love!

My rating : 4.5/5

My reread factor : 4/5


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