Monday 16 January 2017

Challenges I am taking part in 2017 - Part II

In continuation of the previous post, Challenges I am taking part in 2017, I am adding few more challenges to my list. I don't know if I might add more in the future but for now, I am taking part in 5, correction, 6 reading challenges. I almost forgot the Goodreads one. I am so used to doing it by default.

Goodreads Challenge

This year I have opted to read 100 books again. I have high hopes of exceeding this target easily what with the books I have bought so far, the challenges I am taking part in additionally, the books for blog tours, Netgalley copies, previous review request copies and finally Kindle Unlimited. This one is the easiest among the bunch!

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 

This is a different kind of challenge for me. Usually the challenges I have taken part in give a target and leave it. But this one gives a list of "hints" for reading selection. I believe I will have too much fun with this one! I even join the Goodreads group so I can keep track and discuss and ask help in finding related books. You can read more about it here! The total number if 40 + 12 in Advance section. I believe I can do the entire 52 with ease. Keep your toes crossed!

Read My Own Damn Books!

Now this is one challenge I have to do every year because otherwise I won't read all the books I buy! Lol, there are so many books on my kindle still pending for reading time. I hope to atleast make a small dent in my Kindle pile starting this year. There is no set target for this challenge. So whatever I can read, I will be happy with it. It is hosted by Estelle's Revenge

HT Brunch Book Challenge

If I had known about this challenge earlier, I would joined in eyes closed. I recently came across this and I want to try it out this year. The target is 36 books with 6 of them centered on Indian books/authors. So I think I can easily do this one too. See I almost choosing the easier ones since this is my first year. I don't want to overwhelm myself at any stage. I have to remember to tweet when doing this challenge. *Makes a mental note*

So these are the additional challenges I have picked. Wish me luck and fun!


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