Friday 16 December 2016

Book Musings - The Prince's Stubborn Bride by Devika Fernando

Title : The Prince's Stubborn Bride
Author : Devika Fernando
Series : Royal Romance series , Book 2
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Source : Free copy

Blurb :

Princess Olivia has just lost her husband. She is all alone in a foreign kingdom in desperate need of a ruler who can make it prosper again. Prince Sebastian is the only one who can help her prevent an uprising – but he has a reputation for being a loner and a rebel. Can she trust him when it seems that everyone else has a hidden agenda?

Prince Sebastian of Visteria once vowed to stay away from all royal obligations, but there’s no way he’ll leave his brother’s young widow in the claws of scheming ministers fighting to bring the monarchy to its downfall and ruin the people’s future. What he hasn’t counted on is the instant attraction sparking between the two of them.

Is a happy ending possible for these two royals who are too blind to realize they’re made for each other?

My Musings :

I received an ebook free of charge from the author for an honest review.

I had heard a lot about the author so I was super excited when I got a chance to try out her writing. Another new author added to my list of to be read authors. I loved her writing and I had fun keeping up with the story and the characters.

Though I had expectations, I went in blind in regards to her writing style. The first scene wasn't interesting as much as the introduction of Sebastian. Now that got my attention and the race was on!
The first few pages kept me updated on the goings on in the kingdom and the current situation. Since I hadn't read the first book, this made me familiarize myself with the characters.

All the characters were realistically portrayed as far as I am concerned. They all added a unique slant to the story. As for the protagonists, I wasn't enamoured of Olivia in the beginning. But as the story progressed, I got to know her more. Every facet of her character was explored in depth. So in contrast, Sebastian felt a bit underdeveloped. But both are likeable in their roles while Olivia remains my favourite.

The flow of the story was pretty natural and the scenes weren't abrupt in any place. The banter between the protagonists was well done and had me laughing, rolling eyes and feeling their varied emotions easily. The romance was gradual though the start of their romantic entanglement was rather abrupt. The push and pull between them was fun to read and had me invested emotionally in their relationship.

The mystery of the Free Visteria group was solved satisfactorily at the end. While the ending resolved the issues associated with this book, it was also a cliff hanger of sorts leading to the next book.

All in all, it was a solid book of romance and fun. I look forward to the author's other books now that I have had a taste of her fine writing.

My rating : 4.5/5



  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for this detailed review!

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm happy to give it a read!

  3. A beautifully done review of Devika's latest outing. Her touch on romance and complex equations always makes her uniquely appealing.