Sunday 25 September 2016

Book Cover Reveal -The Light of Mytis, Ardentia #3 by J.L. Tomlinson

Welcome to the cover reveal of The Light of Mytis , Ardentia - 3 by J L Tomlinson.

Series: Ardentia – Book 3

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Release Date: December 2016


Jahna Mornglow, the half-breed heir to a coveted throne, has defeated the disciples of a fallen god. She has spilled blood to ease the suffering of an uncertain people and has seen the blackened soul of darkness itself. Still, she fights for the Light that will save them all.

But in a time so dire, when The Empyrean Key is almost whole and the end of her journey sits just past the horizon, Sky's revelation will test the foundations of trust and friendship.

Lilac, always cocky and sure, finds her spirit waning; Silko's passionate beliefs no longer comfort him and Arn's loyalty and devotion to the crusade is frailer than ever.

As Jahna and the fragile fellowship make for the tundras of the south to seek out the next key fragment, the malevolent tendrils of the Dark Star tighten their grip on Castle Dubraycon.

Princess Mydra has been broken and enslaved by the High Mage and with the Vessels imprisoned by their corrupt leader, Selizardra is powerless to stop Menon or the dark magic that has corrupted her.

The sands of time will continue to run. Nothing can slow The Pinnacle.

The key must for forged; Hartforn must be found and the true heir must claim their birthrite before all of Ardentia is devoured by shadow.

The Light of Mytis is the mantle of a ruler of worlds and before the end, Jahna will have to ask herself if her shoulders are truly prepared for the weight of destiny.

Author Bio

J.L. Tomlinson was born and bred in the mystical land of New Zealand.

No, she wasn't in Lord of the Rings. No, she doesn't know that guy, Steve. Yes, she has seen a kiwi and they are both powerful and majestic.

As well as writing, J.L. is an inventor, currently designing a sophisticated robot that will spit out a completed manuscript based on a very vague synopsis. Unfortunately, as she hasn't even mastered the TV remote, progress is slow.

The Empyrean Key was her first novel and her unhealthy attachment to the characters has made it easy to continue the series, as well as juggling a dozen other projects.

When not writing or reading, you'll find her playing video games, watching terrible movies and eavesdropping on people who argue in malls. Lastly, she doesn't mind if you call her Jo.

Author Links 

Twitter: @JL_Tomlinson



Book One – The Empyrean Key and Book Two – Veil of the Corrupter, will both be priced at 99c through during the week of the cover reveal (22nd - 29th September)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the cover reveal, Floryie. I can't wait for you to read Light of Mytis!